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question about getting a new job

Discussion in 'General' started by ImurderBlunts, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. I've been trying to get out of my job for a while and this morning I got a call for an interview and they want my drivers licence and ss card but I can't get the ss card by tomorow so would they be ok with my brith certificate over the ss card?
  2. Probably not, no. Is your SSN on your birth certificate?

    Generally, they want photo ID and SSN, or birth certificate and SSN
  3. I was afraid of that.

  4. Don't blow off the interview or anything. Just let them know that you gotta wait to get your SS card. Tell them it's at your mom's house in another state or something. They'll work something out with you I'm sure.
  5. Just tell them youre getting a new one i dont think they need it until they do your w-2 anyways
  6. I'm going to go anywa with my licence and b cirtificate but what I'm going to tell them is that I have to wait for it. Hopfully it all goes well I have court in the morning too so I could use some luck.

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