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Question about genetics.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gmantheman, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. I have noticed that sometimes that the sum of the genetics doesn't always equal the whole in terms of if the strain is an indica, hybrid or sativa. A couple of examples are girl scout cookies. The parents are supposedly Durban Poison which is a sativa and OG kush which is a hybrid that can lean either way in terms of indica or slightly sativa dominant. GCS itself is a hybrid but a slightly indica leaning. It seems it would be more of a sativa dominant if anything. Another is Jack Herer. Its genetics is two indicas and one sativa, yet JH is a sativa or sativa dominant hybrid depending on what you read, but on paper it would appear to be an indica or indica dominant hybrid. This is something I noticed. It is interesting how they are classified.
  2. You have to understand Genetics to understand why this is. Dominant traits trump recessive. Your hybrids will have phenos of both, as well as a majority pheno that is the best combination of parental genes. OG Kush is a predominately Indica strain, that may show recessive sativa phenos. Same with GSC. Jack Herer is predominately Sativa, with recessive indica traits. Make sense?
  3. Makes sense. It has been years since I have studied dominant vs recessive. I had to go back do a quck review on that and genotype and phenotype.
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  4. It’s intruguing stuff man. I’m going to breed in a few months. Setting up a mother/father room to keep the winners. Have to pop a lot of seeds though

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