Question about flushing hydro and how strains work

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  1. Hey hey GC!

    Right now I have a Lowryder plant that will be starting Week 8 on Sunday 9/23. The strain is harvested Week 8 or 9 according to Joint Doctor. I'm using hydro method with General Hydroponic 3part liquid nutes. Hairs are about 60% red, trich's are about 10%-20% amber and fan leaves have just recently started yellowing.
    Now if I start flushing now and go for about two weeks.... does the flowers still mature? Will the trichs still turn amber? Or does flushing stunt the whole growing/maturing process?

    Also I'm interested in trying to create my own combo of strains but I lack the knowledge of how strains work. Can anyone supply a link to a site or give me a breakdown of how "breeding" of strains works?
  2. I would say it does quite the contrary, flushing induces the maturation of your flowers even more by letting the plant know it's got to purge it's own nute's to finish up. They start the process naturally obviously, you said it just started to yellow. That's just the plant pushing all those energies into the flowers. Now you just let them really suck all the nutes out of the rest of the plant by flushing them and in a week or two when they are done they'll be sweet, smooth, beautiful smoke. Don't hesitate to flush my friend. You'll be glad you did.
  3. Ok thanks! I wasn't sure how flushing actually affects the growth process.

    So anyone got any info on how strains work? Or a link?

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