question about flowering

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jojo11416, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. should my plant have buds by the 15th day of flowering?
  2. all strains are different on average they should be showing sex by now also do you have any light leaks
  3. should they have pistols? yes.

    Should they have what you consider buds? probably not.

    It usually takes the plant close to 2 weeks to start developing the first "real" buds. They will start out as single hairs, so as long as you have some pistols coming out, you are right on track.
  4. I think i do see some pistols but im not really sure since this is my first grow. If i put a pic up can you help me identify whether its male or female
  5. Sure post a pic, that ALWAYS helps

    Pistils(spelled with an I) are the little white lookin tentacles that come out of the calyxes by the nodes.

    If your plant has pictils they should be pretty easy to spot.
  6. I'm on day 14 of budding and buds are just starting to come to form. Not real buds but you can start to see them comming together. The next few weeks they will start comming together.

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