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  1. So... I took a clone of my mother plant which I know is a female and I have harvested two already off of the same plant, but right now I have one clone that I do have in flowering right now but after 12 days it still has yet to show any difference from the veg stage. I just don't remember any of the other clones I've taken to take this long to show anything. Am I just paranoid or what? How long do you all usually have to wait once you induce flowering to see a change?
  2. Hi...

    I will assume that you have changed the light cycle to 12/12.!? What kind of lights are you using? If your Ph and PPM where they should be? I have seen some strains take 2 or more weeks before they start to show sex!

    If everything is in good shape, you should start to see pre-flowers any day now.

    Good Luck!
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    ^^ Ditto. Especially check the Ph, PPM, soil/air quality...etc. Just check to see if anything is different from the previous clones, and also the mother plant - if it's possible, determine if her conditions have fluctuated at all since a week or so before you took this clone. I would expect that if her condition had declined, the clones would struggle a bit more than usual.

    If nothing is suspect, then hang in'll see something soon :)

    How old is the mother plant? Strain?
  4. My clones usually take a week or two longer than my seeded plants, but if this is unusual to you then you should be concerned. Light leaks and soil issues would be the first guess.
  5. Yes of course I've changed the light schedule to 12/12. I'm using the same distilled water as I did with the other clones I've took, and the ph seems to good. The only other thing I can think of that you've all mentioned is that the ppm is not quite the same. If the ppm were off, how much would they have to be off to cause such a problem?

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