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  1. First of all, I just want to say that I realize bottled fertilizers aren't really preferred when it comes to organic growing... I know the "best" way to go is mixing your own soil and amending it with things so that you only need to water and give compost teas ocassionally..

    However, I already have a bottle of Alaska MorBloom... it is NOT OMRI listed. It contains Phosphoric Acid, Muriate of Potash and "Fish Solubles"...

    So my question is: Though this fertilizer is not organic, does it contain anything that would harm microbial life???

    Reason I'm asking is I'm also using Earth Juice Grow, to supply nitrogen. Earth Juice is fully organic, and contains microbes. I don't want to use MorBloom with it if it is harmful to microbial life...

    So what's the verdict?
  2. You are only going to be using a very small amount. Even if it was microbial poison your soil will have all kinds of time to revive after harvest. Be careful, it may not have the beneficial result you were hoping for. Too much too soon and it will go on a leggy growth spurt. Used judiciously at the proper times I think it adds weight to buds.
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  3. Thanks for the input! Much appreciated.. and yes, I was planning on doing kind of like an "every-other-feeding" type of thing with it... currently, with the earth Juice, I do a "feed - water - water - feed" kind of cycle. Do you think every other feeding would be good or should I space it out even more during veg?
  4. Before I could find all the good meals I use now, I used to use Alaska fish fert 5-1-1 and morbloom 0-11-11, and liquid kelp. They worked very well for what they were. I will caution you strongly about one thing, the mix ratios on the bottles of AFF and morbloom were awful strong. The part about not burning plants only applies to soil drench. Do not foliar or even spill any on leaves, they won't like it. If I recall correctly, use around a quarter of the recommended amount, and not too often, morbloom maybe 2 or 3 times during flower max, unless she shows she needs it. I have literally damaged every kind of plant (pot, flowers, veggies) I have ever gotten wet with even a weak mixture. I used to foliar with the aff 511 at 1sp a gallon without damage to 'established' healthy plants. I don't know if this was really necessary, but I always watered till there was significant runoff, due to worry of salts used as a preservative in the morbloom.
  5. If your really concerned about your soil get an organic banana peel put it in a 16 oz bottle with some cane sugar leaVe it for 24 hours then add water to it let it sit for another 24 hour then use on your plant .. no omri required. If you wanted to make a gallons worth just add 4 organic banana peels

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  6. You can also top dress qith matled barley or make a tea (sst)

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  7. Don't forget something old something new something borrowed something blue.

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