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  1. I have a plant that is 54 days old and about 13 inches tall (it had a lot of problems early on due to my lack of knowledge, so it had a few weeks with basically no growth at all).

    I knew it was always a possibility that I could move out at anytime as I've been searching for a house to move into (I'm in an apartment at the moment). It's not really going to be possible to take them with me as my friends and family are all going to want to see EVERY part of the house when I move in. So, hiding them isn't really going to be an option.

    While it is unlikely, I could be moving in as little as 2 weeks, but then again, I may not be moving at all. The couple who owns the house know aren't too anxious to get out right away, but at the moment I have the luxury of being able to bid on the house before it even gets put on the market which means no competition.

    This post isn't about my house though, so to the point... If I were to start flowering now, what kind of yield/potency could I possibly expect? I figure that I'll have around 6-8 weeks to flower (if I actually move), but since the plant is only 13 inches tall, I don't know if it will even be worth it (if it even turns out to be female). Granted, I'm not looking for a big haul, but I don't want to walk away with an 1/8th of very low potency bud either.

    Also, I'm considering using a black plastic bag to start flowering on a single part of the plant to determine sex as I am not in a position to take a clone (time is of the essence at this point). Can I even reasonably do that at this point?

    I'm looking forward to your responses.

    EDIT: Here are some recent pictures of the plant -

    Pics in Another Thread
  2. In the northern hemisphere, this might be an okay time of year to put them outside to finish :) I would definitely flower them if they were mine though.
  3. Thanks pungent. I'm pretty sure that's what I'm going to do with her (high hopes for a her) starting tonight. It's kind of upsetting though to go through two months worth of growing to end up possibly getting nothing out of it and having to destroy 3 plants before they even had a chance to show sex. Not to mention that I don't even know if I'm going to be here long enough to finish flowering.

    Although, I guess it would be worse to not even know if it is a female and then lose all 4 plants on top of it. At least this way I'll know for sure if it's male or female and possibly get at least a little bud out of it. And, I walked away much more knowledgeable than I came inot it.

    If I do get this house I'm definitely going to start growing again, only next time I'm going to use Aeroponics.

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