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question about firecrackers...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by braaap, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Alright, so Saturday I'm heading up to Burlington with a couple of friends and my pops, I'm thinking about making some edibles for the trip up and back.

    So, I was thinking about just taking two pieces of bread, cover one side of each in pb and put about an 1/8th in the whole thing and eat half on the way up and half on the way back.

    So would 22-25 minutes at 325 work with bread? Any other ideas?

    Also, if it would work, is 1.75g's too much? (each serving)
  2. should work because the bread doesn't really matter, its all about the peanut butter. Just get some nice oily peanut butter and it should absorb the THC just fine.
  3. You gonna get fucked up. Firecrackers aint no joke tho, It was a good high though like all my problems were fixed and I wasnt parinoid at all.
  4. I jus picked up a jar of natural pb, that's supposed to be better, right?
  5. id say try to stay away from bread. the bread will absorb the oil from the peanut butter at its trying to cook out. hence why a lot of people use crackers. My friend and I made some firecrackers about a month ago with graham crackers.

    I can't find the thread but someone suggested getting peanut butter and mixing it a bit with oil(we used peanut oil)-alternatively if you have it you can probably use "Natural" peanut butter(the stuff with alot of oil in it, since its the oil that needs to bond with the thc). You want to grind up your weed really finely and then mix it all in.

    Didn't taste good at all. make sure you have some milk or something to wash it down with. But boy did we get fucked. We only used like 1.25 grams each for our servings. Took about 2hrs to hit us and when it My friend didn't talk for about 4 hrs. he was in his own little world. was hilarious.
  6. i didn't read the other posts but if you wanna use something bigger than saltines... i like graham crackers myself.. you could use 2 whole ones and they'd be pretty big... i'd imagine using that much would utilize about 2-2.5 grams of weed and well... you'd get ROYALLY fucked up. in fact you might only want to use half of one because it's basically a waste using that much. just make 2 of em and eat one now/later.
  7. You really dont have to use as much as an 1/8, 1 gram should be enough, maybe 1.5 and then you definatly wont need anymore, i suggest using crackers instead, make sure you wrap it in tinfoil, the bread could work just make sure it doesnt turn into a mess, wait for it to cool. spread the weed around too.
  8. Graham crackers sound pretty legit, I just looked in the kitchen and I have a ton of them too. :smoking:

    So, I should use 1-1.5 in each?

    Also, I've heard of this shit not working for people, so I want to do it right.

    And how long should I be expecting to be high for if done properly?
  9. You should have a slight buzz for about 2 hours after you eat them to feel the full effects, you will know if they worked, tho the high is a bit diff from smoking.
    I personally make my firecrackers with only .3-.5 of a gram and i will be fucked up for 6-7 hours or more after it fully kicks in. I get really impatient waiting for the high too, just watch tv or something until you feel it.
    Good luck with those.

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