Question about feminized seeds and lighting

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  1. ive been smokin for a while now but im getting pretty sick of these high prices and when its dry so ive decided to grow. first question is what are feminized seeds? i just bought some white widow seeds for 55 bucks on some website but then there was a feminized section and they were like 150..can somebody tell me the difference? and my other question is what kind of lights do i need and where i can get them at (wal-mart,pet stores, etc) cause im going to be growing indoor
  2. Feminized seeds are bred to be, at least theoretically, all females. Non-feminized or "regular" seeds have a 50/50 chance of being female or male. With regular seeds you typically need to germ and grow at least double the number of plants you want to actually bring to bud, on the assumption that about half will be male and will be discarded once sex is determined. Feminized seeds are bred to eliminate that uncertainty and waste. Certain strains and breeding techniques can still yield some males among feminized seeds, though.

    Lights you should look to HID ideally, though fluoro can work. Read up, everything you could possibly need to know is already posted here.
  3. I'd stay away from feminized seeds unless you've been growing for awhile and have alot of experience. Feminized seeds can easily become hermie under stress. You can find all the info you need on lighting, etc. by searching around the forum.
  4. A 600 watt grow light with a high pressure sodium bulb is very sufficient . good nutrients to use are ionic grow, ionic bloom , and ionic boost . :smoking:

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