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  1. I have a walk-in closet setup currently with 8 foot ceilings, and about 6 feet wide by 8 feet long. I have a cooltube reflector and a fan but I am curious where I am going to exhaust the heat. I have grown with this cooltube before, temps were normally 85+ but the plant survived and I have had one harvest, I want to be able to put the light (400w HPS) closer to the plants but the heat is an issue. I have ducting, but no place to put it yet.

    I have been thinking about cutting a 6" hole in either the ceiling (to the attic) or the main question is, what are the problems/consequences of venting into the wall itself? The wall in question is adjacent to an exterior wall on the 2nd story, both of my neighbors in the townhome smoke so smell is not a huge issue, plus there isnt much of one.

    Should I really cut a hole in the ceiling, is the difference that much? I assumed that the hot air would be blown in to the wall cavity and make its way (as heat rises) up in to the attic itself.

    I do not have access to a window, and the A/C unit is far away so my closet gets MINIMAL A/C, but there is an AC vent I have debated trying to exhaust out of. I suggest the wall instead of ceiling because the light is very low and the ceiling very would be about 1 foot of ducting to exhaust through the wall, about 6 feet for the ceiling.

    Can I just exhaust a 400w HPS directly into drywall?

    BTW I live in Florida and its summer, so the temps in the Attic have got to already be insanely high and humid, its really sticky here sometimes.
  2. Dont go through your wall - the "making good" is miles harder than keeping the doughnut you cut out of the ceiling and then skimming over it if you need to

    vent in to the loft dude

    have you got rafters in the loft running vertically and a tiled roof?

    If so - remove the insulation so that a small section of tile is exposed - about 9" square will do - then board a section of the rafter so that you make a box around the tiles - now cut a circular hole the right size and put your ducting into this - tape the shit out of it with duct tape - or use a flange if you want to be professional

    all evidence can be removed easily - and you only have to replace the insulation in the loft and skim the doughnut

    and, yes, I said flange lol

  3. That sounds insanely hard...I dont think I have access to the attic, my roommate has the attic entrance but I would prefer not to go up there.

    Why do I have to vent it out of the roof itself, I live in Florida, do you understand how friggen hot an insulated attic gets in the summer? My main question is, if I exhaust air into the cavity of a drywall, will it eventually reach the attic or no? Do I have to worry about mold? I am leased to live here for another year.

    I would honestly just wanna cut a hole in the wall and blow the heat into that but I cannot find ANYTHING on the internet about doing it, I need some advice.
  4. I have a setup in my walk in closet too. I don't exhaust my light but I do have a portable a/c in the closet that I had to figure out how I was going to exhaust. The solution that I went with is this. I went to Home Depot and got a new closet door (with a locking handle) and cut a vent hole, rectangle, near the bottom. Then I placed a floor vent cover in the hole and attached the a/c exhaust to that. The a/c exhausts right into my bedroom which is 100x easier to cool. If your cooling a cooltube I'd cut two holes and have it draw air from inside the bedroom through the light and then exhaust back into the bedroom.

    The best part about this is when I move and just slap the old door back on and no one is the wiser!!!

  5. friggin sweet..:smoke:

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