Question About Exhaust on a Rubbermaid Grow Design

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  1. Well since this is my first post, let me start of by saying hello to you all and also THANK YOU SO MUCH! This forum and the people in it rock!

    I already have a plant growing in a 6x2x2 box (may be 2.5x2.5, I didn't build it), and a few White Russians growing in a broken mini fridge. I was surfing this place and I came upon the Rubbermaid stealth design. Brilliant idea! I already thought of using something like that but I am new to this and didn't know how to make it.

    I am saving up to make the design and get some more Russians growing and while reviewing the designs made by fellow growers there seems to be the chronic problem of temperature control.

    Look at the seventh picture with the intake system. My idea was to make another intake right next (probably right below or above) that one and make it go vertical up to near the top and then doing the same U concept as the lower one.

    So, my question to all of you is; Do you think this concept would work? It seems like a good idea to get some intake power up at the top to cool the air around the lights more in hopes of lowering the temperature.

    I tried posting this before but I am pretty damn high so I may have fucked it up. Sorry mods if I double post.
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    Oh forgot to add a terrible Paint job of my idea. The idea isn't complicated but I am terrible with words so this pic should clear up any misconceptions. Technically the top view should have both the upper and lower intake system but their top view is the same (top will be bigger though, because Rubbermaids taper at the bottom.) The side view has both upper and lower.

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  3. Looking this over I have almost no idea what you are trying to do here. The design you linked to has some flaws but I think you are taking this in the wrong direction. Why butcher a stealth system and make it more conspicuous?

    What I got from your post(s) is that you are worried about proper ventilation in this design. Right? well the most effective ways to deal with this are:
    1. Increase the CFMs of the fans used.
    2. increase airflow inside the box.
    3. up and out with exhaust
    4. having a carbon filter either suck in air, or blow it out can have very different effects.

  4. Look at the rubbermaid stealth pic, the one with the U intake pipe that is near the bottom of the box. Right next to where you would build the intake hole/vent, you would build another pipe structure that goes up to where to lights will eventually be. Maybe even making it adjustable so it can stay cooling the air around the lights in all stages of growth. It would transport cold air to the top to lower temp in light area, and if it had the same pull as the lower one it would double the cool and fresh air to the plant. The upper pipe would be either in the same U shape as the lower one (bigger because the boxes taper) or a design that would better fit the lighting system. I am worried that it might fuck with the lower one's intake power though, as well as the possibility that the upper pipe doesn't pull.
  5. Honestly I am a strong believer of Passive intake, Having air forced into the box has never seemed like a good idea to me. it can cause air pressure problems. i mean there isn't going to be a vacuum or anything in there but it could cause problems leading to smell leakage if one fan is more powerful than the other.

    I think I will always stick to a powerful, reliable exaust fan, nothing more.
  6. It doesn't use any fans. It just uses the negative pressure. Passive, right? Normally the lower one will work. I am worried that if I installed another intake that uses negative pressure right next to the lower intake hole, that it will either cut the power of the lower system or that it won't work. The exhaust would not change at all.
  7. Hey Bro, I know what you are talking about. Like latro (the grow box design) I built almost an exact replica and I know I have temperature problems. It usually hangs around 87 degrees all the time and I have 6 CFLs and two powerful fans operating at one time inside of 2 Rubbermaid containers.

    I think I'm going to fix it by adding another fan on the bottom for more passive intake and some how add more exhaust and line the walls with white duct tape and computer paper rather than tin foil.

    Here's a link to check it out. Good luck and when you fix the problem let me know ...

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