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  1. I just thought of something. Why is it humans have yet to evolve to another species? Does this mean IF this were possible, we would be in the zoos, over run by the dominant species? Or just die off, because that species was dominant? If this is how it works, why do we still have other species?

    Don't get me wrong. I believe in species evolution only. ie. brains evolve, body gains muscle. But I have to think DNA has intelligent coding to it, creating a beginning to each species. If not, wouldn't every being be the exact same species. Please post your thoughts.
  2. Because with our brians we have essentially changed the theory of evolution. Because we dont adapt ourselves we change the environment to be easyier for us. So i assume we wont have any giant adaptations any time soon, unless we create them ourselves.
  3. I can at least say the reason why we haven't evolved (as far as we can tell) is because we humans haven't been around long enough time to undergo any major evolutionary changes.

    It took millions of years for us to evolve to what we are now, and would likely take as long for further evolution. With the nature of our impact on the world, we may not really evolve further at all..who knows?
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    Nice logic. :)
  6. I have had it explained to me in a way that made a lot of sense but I don't know how accurate it is. At a certain point in our evolutionary journey we made a transfer from the natural way of evolving our bodies (not consciously obviously) to fit the environment to evolving the environment to fit our bodies e.g. using reasoning and thought a byproduct of awareness/consciousness to build houses (or seek out caves), make clothing for when it is cold, etc. Hopefully you can see through this that our intelligence is how we are evolving not necessarily growing another arm or some other trait, I'm really blazed right now need a nap!
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    It makes no sense to me that even though our lifestyles have changed dramatically, we remain the same. The only difference I see is height, less hair, and more brain, different skin tones.. Any difference we see in one human physically, would not change our entire species (only the evolution of brain). Couldn't we say each race is the difference in evolution we encounter? Our species as a whole, remains the same.
  8. Has it ever occurred to you there might not be any evolutionary advantage in evolving our current physical state. In a natural and imperfect world we are the epitome of imperfect perfection! Not really just saying though:smoke:
  9. Read my edit. This has ALWAYS occurred to me. I think we were always naturally imperfect, but created through perfection. How can you say the world is not perfect? It is what created us!
  10. Aren't all evolutionary changes created by the species themselves?
    We can speed up the process though.
  11. Yes. I agree Johnny. If we change our environment, shouldn't we be changing also? Why wouldn't this cause a new species? We would remain humans, yes?
  12. It will over time, unless our species is whiped out.
    But as has been said, human beings (homo sapiens) have been around for relatively a very short amount of time. We're practically a baby in the lifespan of a human species.

    I think eventually our intelligence will drastically limit the requirements of our bodies to the point where we'll have very small bodies with very big heads. Kind of like the stereotypical image of aliens.
  13. I cant find anything on it now, but I recall reading an article that scientists wanted to reclassify us as "Homo Digitalis" because never before has a generation been so dependent on technology.
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    But as we "evolve" we ALL evolve yes? Even if someone were born with an extra leg, he IS still human... and his extra leg will NOT cause anyone else to be born with an extra leg.. Maybe his child, but does that mean we can't call him human anymore? He would still need a woman with three legs to raise the odds yes? Othewise it's just a genetic mutation. If we ALL evolve, there would only be one species then, right?
  15. I've thought about this a lot but species are a biological thing and our biology hasn't changed all that much.
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    Regardless of the biological change, we still remain the same species.

    Otherwise there would only be one species...
  17. Actually I mean biological change is what constitutes a new species.
    We are still the same species we were tens of thousands of years ago because we haven't changed much biologically. I think we should change our species' name until we do.
  18. But the change we have encountered didn't create a new species? Or the beginning of one even? Were still 100% human to me.. If not, my question again would be, wouldn't there only be one species then? The less dominant one dieing off and all..

  19. should put down that bible when discussing science you fail to understand...ya, I can smell a bible thumping troll a mile away.:eek:
  20. Intelligent design can exist as a theory until we can prove or disprove it by learning what's beyond our understanding of the universe.

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