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Question about etiquette

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FunkyBuddha, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I've been trolling these boards for a while and finally decided to join up. I've been smoking quite regularly for a decent amount of time, so i guess i fall under the category of a 'seasoned toker'.
    Anyway, I was recently smoking with 3 other friends and we had 2 blunts in rotation. What happened was the guy i was passing off the second blunt to, was camping on the first blunt for a while, trying to force it into a bowl(using the bowl as a roach clip) and couldnt accept the second until he had gotten the blunt into the bowl. I didnt think it was right to skip him so i just hit it once or twice more until he was done. But, i did violate my puff puff pass rule. My question is, do i skip him, let the blunt sit there and smolder, or puff on it a bit?

    Sorry for the rambling, first posts shouldnt be written while ripped.
  2. Welcome.
    Dude... as long as your not hogging the joint or letting it burn in between hits, there's nothing to worry about. Everyone has their customs when smoking with friends, but most important, you gotta relax and enjoy. Don't get to worried about taking another hit while he puts out the blunt, or passing over him, and than getting back to him.
  3. i usually pass them but i say it when i do so everyone remembers the passed person gets double the next time around. it seems like he was wasting time trying to get the blunt into a roach clip, why not just smoke it to a roach first?
  4. well if he was messing with the first one i see no problem with taking a second hit. do people really get up in arms about that? i don't really believe in most of the "rules" anyway. as long as everyone gets good and high, that's what matters.
  5. take a hit, hold it out for him, when he says no, repeat
  6. yeah dude, though puff puff pass is standard, it's not your fault for being a smart smoker. If I saw a blunt just sitting there and not getting hit, I would do the same after holding out to the guy. I'd probably first say, "dude, you can do that right after you hit this", and if he declines, I'd take a few quick hits and wait for him to be done, or pass him if he says to.
  7. yeah man tell him to put that shit down and hit the blunt wtf

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