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Question about etiquette while buying

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by B-townKING, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if it is OK while buying to ask the dealer to let u use a scale to weigh it before you give him the money. Everyone I know basically takes what is given to them and doesn't ask questions. I have a small scale and when i get a O on my scale it weighs out like 3-8 grams short every time. I know you may say I need a new dealer but this dude is the only person in town who doesnt want to charge you 300 a zone for some high beaster or low dank. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Bring your scale and when he brings out the sack bring out your scale and throw the sack on the scale and decide if its worth your money or not. then buy it or walk out
  3. Ive thought about doing this but this guy is can flip moods real quick. He can get me some real nice shit for like 115 an ounce and the only other person who sells it wants the same stuff but like 285-315 an ounce and it takes forever for them to actually get me the bud.
  4. well 115 for a half of low dank/high beasters is good so even if you are getting a little skimped on the ounce, its all good
  5. Yeah your doing alright, DONT bring your scale with ya, bad move, he wouldnt trust you anymore
  6. ight i think im just goin to call him and talk to him and see what he says bc if he tells me they all weighted out to the full 28gs ill be a lil suspicious and if he admitts they are a lil short ill let it go
  7. I'd have to disagree, I've been there and done that for years..

    And whenever someone brought a scale, I just thought "Oh, this guys on it" and didn't worry anyways because my stuff was always correct. Of course i'd think they were a bit dumb because they have to travel with it and getting caught with a scale and a bag of weed on you in no good.

    But I never once had a problem with the few times people brought scales.. if anything tell him straight up, 'Hey bro, that OZ last week was 25g" and just see what happens, for all the guy knows, your using that OZ to help you get a better deal, and it being 3g short fucks that all up..the guy shouldn't flip out if hes a respectable person, if anything he will realize hes been caught screwing you over, and will play it off with a few extra gs into this bag plus never screwing with your weight again.

    My Opinion at least. :smoke:
  8. fuck yea its ok especially if you're buying a lot of weight. if he gets pissy about a scale then he's probably trying to short you,..
  9. ya the guy last time weighted out straight so that's why im not sure whats up. I bought a QP to flip to help me start saving up money to buy a car of my own/help my mom with bills. I should have got like 112 grams but it weight out on my scale to 91 grams. BTW i am pretty sure my scale is still good bc a nickle weighted out to 5 grams
  10. Yeah, just call him next time you want a bag and be like "That last bag you gave me was x grams short, make sure it's a full ounce this time." or something like that. If he keeps screwing you over you probably should stop buying from him and just find a good dealer..
  11. Exactly
  12. #12 Motza, Aug 23, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 23, 2009
    As long as you don't bust it out every single time. But honestly, if they have a problem with it then they're probably trying to rip you off. Hell half the time my dealer asks me if I want to see it on the scale.

    But if you don't wunna take the time to weigh out an oz while sitting in a car, just check it when you get home and if it's short let him know. Because if you let it slide, then there's no reason for him to stop doing it.
  13. I called him last night and he said he was sorry and that his partner weighted it out and he will give me what ever was missing later this week
  14. Sounds like you found yourself a good dealer then.
  15. That's usually what I've noticed also, is the people who you deal with aren't usually the ones fucking you over if they seem chill otherwise. As for the whole bringing of the scale, you shouldn't have had an issue if dude's legit. Personally, I've had a few situations like that, but in the end, it did nothing but keep things chilled in the business environment. But those prices still don't seem too bad. The art of flipping is quite a skillset.
  16. Anyone with a clear conscience should not have a problem letting you use a scale "just to make sure".

  17. People only get pissed about using their scale when they try to short you. I honestly would ask them to throw it on their scale before you buy it. Then you dont look like a dumbass. If you just take the bag they know they can short you.

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