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Question about electric bill

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Cannibus69, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. how much will 2 55 watt fluros cost for 1 month going 24/7? thx for help
  2. about 5 extra dollars a month, if even....110 watts is nothing to worry about.
  3. How about this for power. 2 400 watt MH in my veg/ clone/ seedling room 2 small 250 hps in a small closet my mini flower power. Then the mother of all rooms the big ol' Queen Bee with 3 600 watters over a 6 foot wide by 12 feet long table with a sea of green crop with some 5 gallon palnts around the perimeter suck up all excess light. I harvest about or alittle over a pound every 2 weeks. Yummy.

    Plus all fans and other instraments. About a 300 dollar bill each month.

  4. I'm seriously thinking about renting another place, a trailor or small house, just to have a few rooms in. I could easily make enough class every month for the rent and electric. ... I duno, well i want to find a place to rent to own in cash, yeah that would be cool... i'd love to get into realestate.
  5. Yah, i am really worried because the country i live i could go to jail for awhile and especially since i did some bad stuff here b4 too

    But yah , my plants are doing great I have a Blueberry and a super afghani going should be done by early and late sept.
  6. Cannibus69 is there anyway I can get a clone off of your blueberry ?
  7. If you live in korea i can , but through the mail it would die
  8. Not much to very little

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