Question about Ecstasy.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by socrox, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Im going to be doing it this week end with a friend, whose a guy.
    Can you control yourself enough for no queer shit to happen...
    I hear it makes you horny and stuff, so I was just wondering.
  2. i mean the first time i did ecstasy i fucked like 7 guys and im not gay
  3. is this post for real?
  4. Come on, serious answers...
  5. Sorry dude, but it looks like youre in for a long night of sweaty butt sex
  6. No you will not want to fuck your friend, unless of course you are gay to begin with.

  7. alright that helped, im straight.
  8. Prepare to talk about things that you would not normally talk about with your friend though, personal things.
  9. LMFAO. I can't tell if this is real or not. You will not want fuck your buddy unless you already want to and use the x as an exscuse. Either way its your choice do what you want to do and have fun.
  10. Ecstasy isn't called the "love drug" for no reason, but, it won't turn you gay.
  11. If you're a closet homosexual ecstasy will most definitely bring out those hidden emotions in you. Let's hope for your sake this isn't the case.
  12. This thread made me laugh realllly really hard. :p
  13. No it wont, you might hug your homies or somethin but nothing like sticking your tongue down their throat unless you want to.

    It doesn't really make you horny, shit sex is the last thing on my mind when rolling haha
  14. Hahahaha this thread has got to be one of the funniest things I've read in a while. +Repped the guy that mentioned "You're in for a night with sweaty butt sex" hahahahahaha that's fucking brilliant.
  15. Theres nothing wrong with homosexuality....
  16. He never said there was, but fucked up on drugs isn't most peoples ideal way to break large news.

    (Except cocaine, cocaine decisions are what lifes about)
  17. Haha , I know exactly what the OP is talking about. He has heard it makes you horny and junk. So he was making sure it doesn't make you like uncontrollably horny. And no OP , it doesn't.
  18. LMAO if doing E brings out any kinda of "queer shit" than its just your inner gayness being released. for you to even question if you would be doing something gay begs the question. this thread gave me a good laugh though :p
  19. naaaaah dude don't worry about it! really. the only reason why that myth exists is because when you're rolling you become mad open and comfortable and like real connected with your friends and your emotions. unless you're attracted to eachother or gay deep down, it's not gonna happen. and EVEN if anything did, you'll both know why and just be mature and forget about it.

    i mean, i'm straight but i made out with my friend (who's straight and has a boyfriend) and we just joke about it now.

    hakuna matata & enjoy it!

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