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question about eating mj

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lostinnowhere, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. The other day i was about to put some weed in a pb sandwich to eat at school (yea lame but nothing big was going on that day), and i take it into my room (no weed on it yet) and my sisters like "dont do that, to get high off eating weed, you need like a bunch".
    soo i was wondering how much is "a bunch" or does it just matter on how you prepare the weed you are going to eat, for how high you will get
    sorry if this is a stupid question but i just dont know!
  2. You can eat buds and you will get a small buzz, but most of the cannabidnols in marijuana need more heat to activate than your stomach acids will generate by themselves, which is why you extract them using fat-soluable foods (i.e. cannabutter).
  3. so by eating would you get the same high as smoking, or not as strong?
  4. Supposedly it's more intense, although it's never had much of an effect on me (eating it, I mean). Also it takes longer to get into your bloodstream than smoking.

    That being said, just sprinkling it on a PB&J won't do anything for you - it has to be heated to the point of releasing the THC (hence Wild Will's comment about cannabutter).
  5. Dont eat straight weed. It doesnt taste that great and its a waste of good weed. Make cannabutter or firecrackers
  6. you cant eat just a bud, as far as i know. YOu have to actually cook it or activate the canabanoids and make it in butter or something like that, and make brownies, look up some recipies online, and usually you do need quite a bit of pot, for a good batch of brownies I would just get a 1oz of some cheap shwag, seeing that your not going to smoke it, and it ends up working pretty well.
  7. put like half a gram of weed in some peanut butter crackers and put it in the oven at 340 degrees for 25 minutes.
  8. You CANNOT eat a bud of marijuana and get high from it. THC is fat soluble and needs to be extracted before you can make an edible treat from it.

    Putting marijuana on a PB and J sandwitch will not get you high. Look around for guides on making Firecrackers or Cannabutter. These are two things that will work.

    For firecrackers your extracting the THC into the penutbutter, for cannabutter you extracting the THC into regular butter - witch can later be used to make even greater treats.
  9. The THC in the bud needs to be activated by heat, so you would have to cook it into something. If your going to school like that, id suggest cannabutter.

    The high from eating it is a little different, its alot more of a body high.
  10. has to be heated. you cannot eat MJ. even eating a whole pound of dank weed isnt going to do anything for you unless its heated and activated.

    ive noticed that consuming (activated) MJ can get people very very high. ive seen friends of mine eat too much and have an awful high because there just too high. i dont have a lot of experience with edibles... so ive never gotten "too high" from it, nor have i ever really gotten "very high". i just havent ever had a well made edible.
  11. ha okay thank you everyone! i now understand i need heat haha. If i ever try it, ill tell you how it works out for me
  12. LOL to break the news to you cuz I am currently baked off a on cracker and about .3 weed which by the way I didn't cook.. I simply made a firecracker and covered it in tinfoil and let it sit in a cool dark place for a few days.. And it's currently starting to hit me.. So what everybody is saying that eating mj plain doesn't work.. Well it does
  13. the highest ive ever been was buy getting some natural pb, putting a few spoon fullls in a container and putting about 3g's of finally ground in it and mixed it up. i ate 2 sandwhiches like that and i swear i was high for 21 hours. i didnt cook it but i let it sit for a week. serioulsy its the best high ever but i was completly non functional. just incase some one wants to know i still had about half the special pb left so i guess that was from about a gram or a gram and a half. and the weed was mids and not even high mids and it was all tried out and old
  14. your not eating plain weed, you are in fact eating cannapeanut butter, thc need either heat or a fatty substances to be activeated

    PS im :smoking:
  15. No! If you eat up straight green weed, you will not feel it! You will get maybe 2% of the high you would get from smoking, nothing noticeable! To eat marijuana, you have to cook it into food. Google for recipes or look here. THC has a burning point of 370 degrees Fahrenheit.
  16. also dont eat TOO much..youll get sick :p and you might have a bad trip too. So KNOW your limits :) and let it kick in before you eat more.
  17. Don't bother eating it unless it's been cooked. THC requires heat in order for decarboxylation to transform it into its active form.
  18. Wait but everyone else says if you let it sit in peanut butter or whatever you are using for a couple days or a week, it will still work so why not?
  19. its more intense, but if u dont heat it up, ur gonna have to let sandwich set out so tht the thc absorbs for atleast two days. But eating it without doing either of the two will do nothing
  20. alrighty! so if i leave it in pb for likkeee a week would it be more thc concentrated than like leaving it in 2 days orr is the week a lil unnecesary?

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