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  1. ive only done it like 15 or 20 in the last 6 months, and my ears ring every time i get real high or do roxys. is that common?
  2. What do you mean, only 15-20 times in 6 months??

    I think 6 times in 6 months is too much. Take it easy bro!
  3. yeah, ive heard that, but i guess its too late for that :(
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    wtf did i right last night? LOL. I gotta keep my laptop off my bed at night.
  5. dude stop doing that shit so often, you are probably cooking your brain. The chemicals in some of the mdma pills can get you good, you are lucky imo.
  6. dude my ears ring all the time, STOP COMPLAINING :p

    unless it's so loud that it rings over everything. then that's just weird.
  7. well I think ringing in the ears after abusing a substance is probably a good sign to stop for awhile if not permenantly. Around where I live the mdma is shitty, I wouldnt even take my chances haha.
  8. b tell me about it. you dont even wanna know how bad e fucked me over. triple stacks ftl
  9. it probably had other shit in it. Idk I have heard of people tripping the fuck out when they eat thier pill, and then later they find out it is ketamine or some rc.
  10. damn maybe your right. would you accept a blowjob from some random chick on a triple stack normally?
  11. idk, haha if you could get it up it wasnt mdma. You have to have like ten minutes of foreplay for that shit to happen haha. Seriously, if you can though, you can have sex for like 5 hours straight, shits insane.
  12. no man ill confess my nuts were shriveled. ever been in a freezing lake taking a piss? it was like that.
  13. haha, yeah. Take viagra to counter that, be sure it is going to happen, that would suck to be rolling with your friends and you randomly have a huge boner haha. Jesus that would suck.
  14. lol wut? amphetamines gives you temporary E.D. and shrinks your wee-wee. I've always gotten it up on normal mdma, it's the dirty ones that get me.
  15. hahahaha damn "wood" advice (wink wink) ;) ;)

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