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  1. I'm all about trying everything once. I've rolled, taken shrooms, etc, and none of that is available right now. A foot long San Pedro Cactus is 25 bucks, DXM was 7 and i'm broke. I have never really done this whole DXM thing. Rather than use the search, I thought I would ask a simple educated question about what i've got.

    I bought a 20 pack of Adult Robitussin DXM HBr containing pills. The active ingredient is 15% DXM per pill, with the inactive ingredients ranging from purified water to glycerine. There is no acetametaphin or guaifenin.

    Am I safe to take all 20 at once? Is that amount a good first trip? What if I only took maybe 4 or 5 at a time over the course of an hour or so?

    I guess what my DXM-Newb ass is asking is..what now? How much, how often, any risk? EXACT brand of gelcaps are the non-drowsy robitussin cough suppressant pills.
  2. that is 300mg and an appropriate first dose for a newbie.

    Look at the links in my sig and search as well to get other experiences.
  3. take the whole pack at once, or over the course of 10 minutes. thats 300mg of DXM which i think is the perfect starting point for your first time using DXM
  4. much appreciated guys. empty stomach ok, or should i go eat something?

    much appreciated again, ill check back in over the course of the next few hours unless im having a blast and forget. :)
  5. 20 down the hatch with two slices of thc cake.

    Buy the ticket, take the ride. Mahalo.
  6. Always on an empty stomach (2 hours after a light meal). You might puke, especially since you added more sugar (cake) on top of the loads of sugar in the gelcaps.
  7. yeah for the first fifteen minutes i felt a bit nauseaus. i feel fine now.

    so far its kind of boring, really. music is good, i want to dance to it and sing, but blah at that concept.

    looking at the fact that the suns up and im about to go observe 420, i only have one thought:

    damnit god, turn off the fucking light.
  8. Did you actually read up on DXM before you dosed? Go read my guide in my sig, it's short and sweet.

    Had you read up, you'd know that 300mg for most people is just an intoxicating, euphoric dose...nowhere near enough to "trip" or get any dissociation. Low doses like the one you took are sometimes referred to as "poor man's ecstasy" because of the music/movement euphoria and general mood lift.

    Just chill out, kick back with some tunes, and enjoy it.
  9. yeah but i also heard from others that 300mg could produce a mild type of hallucinogenic factor, similar to small amounts of shroomage.

    in your expert opinion, am i safe to drive to kroger to pick up another 300mg?

    edit fuck kroger, cvs is two blocks. i can walk. brb.
  10. Yeah, no driving man.

    And if you've got any pot, smoke some. It greatly enhances the CEVs as well as the body stone.
  11. 20 more down the hatch. this is interesting now. i am typing much faster and feel like i am on speed. bad cotton mouth, drinking lots of poweraid. pot tastes nice.
  12. make sure you come back and tell us! haha i had 300mg recently my first time, and wanna see what 600mg will do for you...
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    im back and oh my fucking god this is amazing. i feel like im on ether..cant walk..jello.. my tongue feels numb. music sounds amazing. pot is "medicine" whenever negative vibes come in. great ride.

    the bad trip is realizing the trip has to end eventually.
  14. so the fun shit is over. right now i feel it wearing off. its leaving me nauseaus. i threw up earlier.

    fun stuff.
  15. Don't do it too often! Fun stuff though.
  16. me and some friends each downed our own bottles, then waited a half hour till we felt the dxm and then we went out and chiefed some bowls, then idk what happened, shit was fucking crazy, im still confused on what happened that night, the next morning I ripped a bong bowl with them, and then I left, while driving on the road I had a panic attack while taking a left hand turn, my vision tinted yellow and i felt like the blood in my veins were slowing down, not sure if id do that again
  17. everything was goin good till you had to say that lol.

    but personally. i like DXM. there is a lot of hate on DXM in the forums but i think its a good drug. just dont over do it.
  18. my bad, didn't mean to put a damper on the thread, just telling my experience with downing a bottle of robo :)
  19. nah i was kidding. but i know some people dont have very great experiences, so it does get a bad rap.

    yellow tinted vision does sound scary though.

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