Question about DXM

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokinBuddah, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone! It's going to be my first time using DXM and I've read the FAQs about it, but i was wounder would 236 ml of DXM get me trippin or do I need to go buy more?
  2. Yeah, I think you would need more. I'd start at the 350 or 400ml mark.
  3. Alright thank you :)
  4. wait, do you mean mg?

    if you have 236 ml of straight DXM... i'd say that's enough. 236mg is not.
  5. I went 800mg the first time. 40 pills of robo. That's a lot though. One bottle of the pills is good enough for someone of average weight and height.
  6. 40 robitussin pills is 600 mg ;) ( i'm sure you mean another type of pill, just clarifying)
  7. Is it? I did it last year and I never looked back. Not my type of game. It was robotussin though. 2 bottles of the pills.
  8. yeah, each pill has 15mg. 20 times 15=300 :)

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