question about dxm polistirex

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  1. I have roughly about 1000mg of DXM pol i extracted from delsym. since it is extracted, does that mean that it will activate faster? also I have another bottle of robitussin adult strength, should I take that aswell?
  2. if you did the agent lemon extraction(or whatever it's called), you took seperated the DXM molecules from the styrenes and attached it to a citric acid molecule, so it doesn't matter what it originally came from, you should have 1000mg of DXM citrate, and I believe the citrate has a similar molar weight to the HBr normally attached to the DXM molecule (not sure, check your periodic table for that shit)
    So anyways (if you did the extraction I'm thinking about) you should aim for about the same mg's you aim for when drinking robotussin
    (sorry if I got in to the chem shit too deep, I was reading my chem book with a hit of acid in me while waiting for some friends to get back to me)
  3. I didn't do the extraction
  4. I would think that it would hit faster than the syrup.

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