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  1. Hi gc. Im quite new to hydro. Ive been in soil for awhile.

    So my question would be can a seed be germinated using a rap rooter plug placed in my hydroton in my dwc system. This prolly is a dumb question. But if this is not possible ill take the seed out an start it with the old papertowel trick i guess.
  2. I'm new to dwc as well and actually curious, I have an extra seed laying about and an open slot in my setup, so i'll give it a try and let you know what happens!
  3. I use the rapid rooters. I germ in a paper towel n drop them in the rooter. Then I cut the rooter in half n drop it on my hydroton. Have to top water once a day till roots drop. Never tried to germ in them. They are kinda sponged so I don't see why they wouldn't germ. I like to do it on a paper towel so I know I didn't plant any duds that didn't pop.
  4. I have never tried it but yes it can be done. The paper towel method is more sure fire than any in my opinion, and it happens over night (for me). If using the rapid rooter, you may have a non viable seed and it can take a while to notice. Even tho most use the traditional method of germ. Give the rr a go, it may b for you.
  5. you can, done it, just takes longer like they said. you just top feed it till the roots pop out the bottom, dont even need water in the bucket till the roots drop, i put a clear cup over it to boost humidity too
  6. Genius bra genius appreciate it!
  7. I germ in RR in a tray with a heatpad under the tray. Beans POP quick. Then I transplant into dwc and raise the water level so roots are sitting in solution. Gradually lower your water level as roots thrive.
  8. Awesome bra. Wut size net pot do u use and how much hydroton do u use or how far do u fill the net pot with it?

    Red diesel
  9. I use ten inch pots. I fill half inch from the top. Monster plants!
  10. Holy shit whats the yields llook like with ur dwc setup. And how tall do they get? And how high is your water level in your bucket? Are you using a 5 gal buck?

    My bad wit thw interrogation questions ha! Im stoned and interested in dwcing!
  11. First time doing dwc so ill find out yield in 3 weeks. But I can't hug it. I was ebb and flow before. 5 gallon buckets filled with 3 gallons.

    It measures 4 1/2 ft tall by 3 1/2 wide after extensive lst.
  12. Nice bra. I got a question. When is it to late to lst ?
  13. I did mine the week prior to 12/12. Some people do it during the flower cycle when they run into height issues. The good thing is they recover quickly. Within 24 hours my ladies are pointed back up the light source.

    I'm not 100% sure but ideally the week prior to 12/12 would be the latest you would to put ur plant through any level of stress unless completely necessary.

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