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question about dug out systems

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dahaka, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. hey everybody...

    i just had the impulse of building one dug out of my searched about it...but i coudn't find much information about it...

    actually...there's a very good post about it...i read it.... and also the shop from grasscity...

    but i want to know if you can post some pictures of your dug outs...or any ideas of how to make that little chillum that you put inside it... remember thats home made, but i'm triyng to do a good that i can give a nice finish (i'm thinking of cooper..)

    so...if you can post pictures of the dug outs or chillum ideas...thank you :D...alot!

    PS: i'll try to get a digital camera so i can post the result of my experiment...
  2. I made the little chillum once. You got to have a lathe. Like the school machine shop. A table top one works.

    If you know a machinest, i bet he'd make one for you,
  3. I made one in school once.

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