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Question about drug testing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by busdriver2, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Hello,
    So I have a friend who might be getting drug tested in the next 21 days due to probation. So far no drug tests have been taken in relation to probation yet, however all other meetings with this parole officer were during the time he was in rehab. My buddy is about 6,3 maybe 240 lbs. Before this point he's been completely clean for 6 months until he smoked about a half gram of high quality bud. Does he have a legitimate chance of passing this drug test or is he shit outta luck? 

  2. If your friend" has conducted a personal calibration of his own time-course in terms of having a knowledge of when his/her THC level will fall below 50 ng due to natural detoxing, then he can pretty accurately estimate if 21 days is sufficient? 
    If we are lacking such data, then only God knows if he will pass the marijuana test.
    Please peurse this Thread for hands-on advice related to intensive exergenics, vitamin /diet therapy, and physiologic detox, that will work.
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    If he was a heavy user or used heavily before that, THC may show up. But personally, as a 5'10" 200lb guy, if I wasn't a heavy user (which Im not), Id be comfortable with testing in 21 days. But just for the nerves, I suggest diluting and you can find an extensive amount of information on that in this thread section. Diluting is drinking a sh*tload of water the day of (before won't make a difference at all) to make the THC levels i your urine very low, and usually taking a Vitamin B pill (50-100mg) to turn clear urine yellow to not arouse suspicion among testers.

    You will find those pills online or your nearest vitamin store (Vitamin World and GNC are nearest to me).

    Best of luck to you friend :)

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