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Question about drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by midget9642, May 12, 2011.

  1. My parents sent in a drug test to the labs or whatever and i used fake pee so im assuming they're going to expose that to my parents.

    Im sure someone else in these forums had it where they had a drug test submitted to a lab, my question is how do they give you the feedback of the results? Is it a phone call? email? Letter in the mail?

    Please please please
  2. I highly doubt your parents sent your urine sample to a lab, they're probably trying to scare you.
  3. I used fake piss, and passed the drug test easily but my mom was like "lets send it its free i think why not" etc etc and the next morning all of it was gone. I have no clue if it was really sent or not but what i should i look to intercept if it WAS sent? Phone? Email? letter in the mail?

    does anyone know? i wonder if they would even look for it to be fake or not...
  4. It could be anything, also, intercepting it won't work, because your parents will still wonder what happened to the lab report.
  5. My parents will forget about it easily and assume it was just a pass knowing them. If i can intercept it i basically settle this ordeal... So you're saying its basically random way of contact? FUCK!

    Does anyone know if they will test for it being fake? lol yeah they will im fucked
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    Well I don't work at the specific lab it was sent to, so I have no way of knowing how they contact people, but considering the day and age, I'd bet on a triple threat; email, phone, and snail mail.
  7. Pee has to be kept at a certain temperture i believe so I dont think they sent it anywhere
  8. that wouldnt make sense though, because then nobody would be able to send it in because it would quickly lose the temperature during the mail shipping or w/e....
  9. anyone know the chances of them catching the fake piss?

  10. Doctor's offices don't mail urine samples, they have couriers who deliver those types of things.

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