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Discussion in 'General' started by illadelphia, Aug 5, 2003.

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  1. hello, I havebeen researching legal highs like dmt, so far i have found it has an acid like high but without the side affeects but the problem isnt getting it its, extracting the dmt from the plant and furthermore after that how much to smoke w/o overdoseing , i was wodnering if anyone knew about this... thanks

  2. a sprinkle.... hits you very hard... so watch any peice your smoking out of.. it will fall... as it hits you very quickly....insane, really quick visuals... have fun..
  3. ya, it sounds really fun, my bro advises aginst it to me do it alone, he wants to be there incase i like tip the bowl over or something.. but im gunna do it soon, but BE SAFE
  4. if youve ever gotten a hold of it how do u extract it from the bark/seeds/grass, im very confused =) thanks alot tho

  5. we got it already processed..... then just basically ripped the whole bag in a bong hit.... minus the catual bag its self or course.... cray expiriance... something, that im not sure exactly about doing again...
  6. DMT is illegal in the USA, im not sure where you are from though. however, you can order 5-meo-dmt off the internet, becaues thats still legal in the USA. ive heard that you get a better high off of 4-acetoxy-dipt, which is also legal here, and its only 100 a gram from a site i know, compared to 5-meo-dmt costing 175 a gram.
  7. thank yo woody, this damiana sounds interesting, where do you find extracted dmt in gram forms? samus whats the sitename , thanks alot!
  8. 4-acetoxy-dipt is really weak.

    Also, does your site support online payment? If it does we should trade. Mine charges $190 a gram but the convenience of ordering online makes up for it.
  9. could someone please pm me a site that they ordered it from and succesfully got the product and high off of it?
  10. D-Dmt is a chemical found in our brain that when we die for say--we have a \"dmt trip\"
    Dmt may be very directly correlated to near death experiances.
    What happens with people and near death experiances is that the d-dmt releases in their brain, and they have a near death experiance.

    Dmt could be considered by far the most \"religious \'drug\'\" Its a very interesting paradox when you think about a near death experiance caused by a \"drug\"? If so--then did God put d-dmt in our brains to trigger this near death experiance as a form of a passageway into the after life?

    Anyhow D-Dmt is found in various plant parks.
    i.e. mimosa rootbark (the inner rootbark), Ayahuasca, Yage, Voacanga africana and others.
    The extraction process to obtain real 100% pure i.e. freebased DMT is very hard and involves some chemical knowledge/access to chemicals.

    However if you can obtain these root barks you can make a \"drink\" which is actually called a \'rue\'.
    The roots are soaked in warmish water for a while, then the person will squeeze/ply away at the roots while they are in the water to try to get as much of the chemicals/alkaloids out of the rootbark.
    Then the mixture is allowed to sit for a little bit, it will form a frothy like head--the foamy/frothy stuff is removed, and the liquid left over dranken.

    Tribes will drink this mixture (sometimes refered to as Ayahuasca--which is actually a combination of severel roots--primarly mimosa rootbark which btw contains the highest content of d-dmt % of all root barks)
    And they will drink the mixture to communitcate/talk/see (i.e. hallucinate) with differen\'t spirtual beings.

    They say that when they drink the mixture the spirts will come and dance with them around the fire for the whole night.

    Hope I helped you a bit.

  11. what exactly do you guys mean by a near death exp?

    and how potent is the rue compared to freebasing it?

  12. freebasing it is a lot more potent then the rue when it comes down to it.
    However freebasing it (and smoking the freebase) requires a much small amount, yet the high is shorter.

    However the rue is a longer experiance--but not as intensive of a high, yet if you use a lot of the rootbark in the rue, and drink a good amount of it--you will be faded for a good while.

    a near death experiance can include basically ANYTHING.
    Flashbacks of life, specific memoriable memorys, seeing jesus/budda/other religious figure, seeing heaven, seeing hell, out of body experiances e.t.c. e.t.c.
    all sorts of stuff can happen.

  13. When you\'re a baby, a certain amount of DMT is produced and stored in your brain. It remains stored there until your body realizes it is dying. Upon death, the brain releases DMT in order to make death a lot less painful.

    Near-death experiences result from thei person\'s body falsely believing that it has died. Whan that happens, they experience a natural DMT high and live to tell about it. Sad thing is, many people believe that it was God, and not a drug, that caused their hallucination.
  14. maybe God is drugs?
  15. haha i died one time n got shocked back to life and i dont recall a dmt like trip, but then again i dont recall that much of it to begin with except for hearing the heart monitor go to a steady beep and my eyes starting to blackout, followed by a super shock haha

    yo x-zit, i dunno if you already did a plant extraction on ayahuasca or not but if you havent you should hook it up n tell us how to extract dmt out of it if u know how, if u already made one then link me to it cuz i\'m interested

    if you ever wanna experience a near death trip i advise you to eat a seed pod n a half of datura, except for the part where u actually feel like ur dieing, that sucks, haha but it gives you pre death delerium, mostly because u jus poisoned your ass by eating it

  16. nope--haven\'t done it yet.
    Yet its in the voting sque for the next plant/herb extractions class.
    So make sure to vote for it! lol :)

    pz :smoke:

  17. sweet i think ill try that tomarrow.

    and xzit i just got some insight, like all those people who like get in car accidents and swear that they saw god and all that, were really just trippin balls! Well, thats more info in the bank for my war of proving god true or not.
  18. Haha \"i died one time\"- thats comedy gold right there.

  19. plum ... i would advise you to not do that... its a poison for a reason... it is a poison induced delerium... its not pleasurable and its something that i would rather die than take...
  20. I have a feeling that this thread is going to somehow turn into some religious debate.
    But heres my input anyhow:

    Dmt is in our brains, we where born with it--when we die its released.
    If God did create us, then who\'s to belive that God simply didn\'t put the dmt in our brains? If God does not exsists--why is the dmt in our brains? Why does it produce these images of an afterlife?
    Are these images only brought on by ones personal feelings and belif system? If one have no faith--then what does one see during a \"near death experiance\", or when the dmt is released? Nothing?

    How can one prove God true or not true if no one has seen him?
    And if no one has seen him--then why suddently make a judgment that he simply doesn\'t exsit?
    There are many things on this Earth/Planet that we know exsist--as a result we all belive that they exsist because we have been exposed to these things.
    However there are very likely many things that we don\'t know exsist on this planet. They are there--yet we don\'t know what they are, we have never seen them, we have never experianced them---as a result we don\'t belif that they exsist---simply becuase we have never seen, or heard of whatever it is that we don\'t know about.

    For example the Hopi indians have no concept of time. i.e. refering to \'past\', \'present\', or \'future\' time frames in their syntaxs and sentances.
    We may think this is impossible--although it is not, the Hopi people have been communicating for years with no concept of time.
    Some people may interpet this as laziness. Say a Hopi is to make a quilt--and they take a whole year to make this quilt, they have pleanty of time to make the quilt, and the quilt is needed by the family to keep warm.
    Yet sense the Hopi has no concept of time---this year that has gone by is simply not interpeted as a time frame, the \"year\" that went by is just as equivlent as a hour, a minute, or even a second.
    Why is this? Its simple--its becuase they have never known of time.

    Just like us, we don\'t know many things, as a result we simply have no concept of these things we don\'t know.
    People claim to \"know\" God e.t.c. e.t.c. Yet its their personal belif system--nothing wrong with that at all, yet we may disagree with their view point(s) simply becuase we have either been conditioned to disagree with that view point, and agree with our own view point; or we simply just don\'t know/understand that view point-(\"non educated\" on the \"reality/viewpoint\")

    For example--Hitlers actions of Genocide agianst millions of Jews.
    We all view these actions as wrong. The world agrees---however, why did Hitler do the crimes? Why did the Nazis partake?
    The simple reason is becuase they where conditioned to belive that what they where doing was right. The genocide of the millions of people was called the \"final solution\", and this \"final solution\" was what a majority of the Germans thought their actions where.
    It was the final solution to make them the superior \"race\".

    If they saw from the point of view of the jewish people that where being murdered, burned, gassed, and shot, the Germans would immdediatly stop their actions, because they where educated, they *understood* the other \'Reality\' (viewpoint/culture) and understood what the other reality was going through.

    Yet to twist it up even a bit more---what if the jewish people saw Hitlers reality? What if they saw it like Hitler and the Nazis did? That the final solution was the extermination of them.
    Would the jews then commit sucide to spare the nazis of their \"work\" of extermination? Would the jews then kill themselves becuase they saw the nazi/Hitler view as the \"final solution\" being the extermination of their own kind??

    Basically when it all comes down to it---all these \"big\" questions will be answered when we die. Life after death? How do we know if there is life after death if we are not dead!? lol

    When we die well either have a afterlife---or just become nothing, and decompose into the earth.

    The ultimate society would be where everyone would see eachothers view points, and would understand eachothers belifs--as a result of understanding eachothers belifs, there would be no violence, no carnage, no anarchy--everyone would be in peace with eachother becuase they all respected eachothers position.

    For example in the Nazi/ \"final solution\" argument.
    In this perfect society the nazis would see that what they where doing to the jews was wrong--becuase they would see the jewish reality of the situation, and on the contrary the jews would see the German reality--and see themselves as being in-significant beings, and would respect this.
    Yet the two realitys would cancel eachother out--and nothing would happen, no violence, no \"final solution\" e.t.c. Thus both realitys/cultures/view points would get along in harmony.

    The ultimate and perfect society would be a utopian society.
    Somtimes called Heaven by the religious ones, somtimes just called utopia by the anthropogists and others, somtimes called by other names.
    So the answer to all these \"big\" questions?

    Deep shiiiiitt eh? :p


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