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  1. So I have recently gotten put on the color code drug testing system...Because I tested positive when I first took my original drug test (before I got put on color code) I have a certain amount of days that I can test positive for weed (however, the THC levels in my urine have to be decreasing or I will get in trouble). After x amount of days I have to be clean completely or else I will go to jail.

    Now I have stopped smoking since the day I got put on color code (about a week ago) but I am still worried that even though I have about another week or two of being able to test positive (again, as long as my THC levels decrease) that after that period I am afraid that even though I have quit smoking that I will still test positive and go to jail.

    My question is...I have bought a $55 cleansing detox. However, I am aware that if my drug test has any chemicals in it from the detox at any point that I will go to jail. So my question is how long do these chemicals in the detox stay in your body?

    Because I used to smoke so frequently (a few times a day for a few years) I am basically just worried that even though they gave me about 2 or 3 weeks to be clean...That I still wont be clean after the time period thus causing me to go to jail. The detox would help me ensure that I would be clean before that time but I can not be caught with the chemicals in my system. I do not get tested on the weekends though so if the chemicals would get out of my system in a day or two I could drink it and ensure that I am clean by the certain time and not have my ass thrown in jail.

    If anyone has been in a similar situation or knows a lot about this kind of stuff any input is much appreciated.

    I have also been working out and drinking plenty but I am just a little paranoid about this situation...Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you very much!

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