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Question about determining sex. Pre-flower ..

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MiZZuRKeD, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. If my plant is showing little flowers in between nodes is that any indication of sex? Here is a picture.

  2. Best way to determine sex safely is to either clone the plant and put it into flower, or just wait till you switch 12/12, Ive heard on many occasions that 'pre-flowers' are not too reliable.
  3. I don't see any flowers, hairs or balls, it's wayy too early to tell sex.

  4. if you carefuly cut off those baby branches, it will sex earlier.:cool:
  5. Im thinking of just letting them veg till the 24th when my HPS gets here.
  6. I wouldn't agree with this.. Yes, it would get more light to the area where a preflower forms but the side branches later become secondary colas with plenty of bud sites.. So cutting them off will drastically reduce your yield.
  7. 150w HPS Sun Sytem is coming the 17th. Im going to put these babys into 12/12 then and won't be worrying about the yield (First grow).

    So I'll be prepping for my next grow by ordering Femmed Seeds anyone got any favorites? Something with discreet shipping to the U.S.

    Also I'll be vegging with the HPS next time around, I've heard this is ok? If not "OK" I'll probably order a 2' T5 4 Bulb Fixture.
  8. Yeah Vegging with a HPS is OK but if you don't mind the expense then the t5 setup would be a good idea.. Maybe make a seperate veg chamber.?

  9. I could split my closet easily but if
    HPS vegging is ok (3 oz off two plants?) I think I might do that for now. What do you think?
  10. Or you could make a veg room and have clones and a mother in there and throw them into flower everytime you harvest and have a constant supply of homegrown and shorter times between harvests. It's your call. I myself want to do a perpetual grow sometime in the future :wave:
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    Let her keep on doing her thing. Those aren't sex parts; they're new branches that may become bud sights in the not so distant future.;)

    Oh, and you can't sex your plants until they go into the flowering light-phase.
  12. Scratching my head on this one.:confused:

  13. it works for me. i carefully remove any branch/growth (NOT LEAVES) from about 4-5 nodes up...or down. at the bottom. i do this as they appear, not all at once.

    i stop cutting when i see a pistil. usually around 3-4 inches tall. 24hr light schedule. all plants preflower at around 1 or 2 months

    if i can find my camera charger:confused:, i was thinking about doing a 'how-to' for coaxed presex. one for seed germination with fish tank...many more...:rolleyes:
  14. I think this is absurd. Pruning a plant will not speed up sexual maturity.
  15. And you're cutting off what would become a cola.. lots of potential bud :bongin:
  16. Cool ,I'll try it on one plant.
  17. the first 3 nodes produce some shitty assed branches anyway:confused: i will ALWAYS cut those off. they are way too close to the ground and eventually get suffocated by the main stem.

  18. would'nt you say that the number of a plant's nodes is a sign of maturity?

    i simply speed up the "node"-ing. or i speed the production of branching at nodes by removing older branches, while keeping internodes short and compact.
  19. Well not always. Even the first node has grown into the same as my main colas.. without LST or anything.
  20. no, alternating nodes are a sign of maturity.

    all my internodes are short and compact with tons of branching promoted by topping, not "bottoming".

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