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Question about dealers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JoeObey, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. I'm not really new to smoking, but i'm new to BUYING, i usually buy straight from the grower, and i knew him, but he's out now, and now i'm going to hit a dealer up, this sounds stupid, but how does it usually go down, is it just a simple exchange of money and herb, or do i need to know a few things first? Thanks.
  2. I always take herb before I give money
  3. 1. declare amount in weight ask what he wants for it.
    2. Decide if its a fair price.
    3. Exchange money for the weed.
    4. Walk away.

    Dont get robbed.
  4. Always check out the deal before you hand over the money. If you have a scale, don't be afraid to use it! If you don't have a scale, eyeball the deal and "guessimate". If the deal looks fair to you, hand him the money. If not, either politely decline or barter with him.
  5. for new dealers i usually get a discount cause right when i walk in i show them my penis so right off the bat they know who the bigger man is. No but just ask for an eight or whatever and pay leave and smoke.
  6. If he seems a little sketchy, ask him to weigh the bag out. If he gets nervous when you ask him that, you're probably not getting what you're paying for.. but if neither of you have a scale and it looks right, take it. Exchange the money for the weed. Deal done
  7. tell him to dress up like the mailman and drop the weed in your mailbox
  8. I always hated when people weighed their shit on a scale right after they saw me weigh it out. Those were usually the people I didn't hook up with fat sacks.
  9. Try not to ask too many questions. That is sketchy and they might not like being grilled. Just tell them what amount you want and find out a price and if thats cool with you then make the deal and your golden. Its not too hard. JOE>

  10. I always do a same-time-exchange :)
  11. Everything that they said ^

    If he's legit, smoke with him the first time. Ask if you can sample before buying so you can decide if it's worth the price. Who knows? It might be the start to a good friendship
  12. I completely agree with those above. When I first started buying, I went to my middle man. That is, I would give him the money and he would hand it off to the dealer, who in turn gave him the weed, and then he transferred said marijuana to me.

    I completely trusted this middle man because I went to high school with him and we smoked together all the time. I also got to know his dealer, who's a pretty awesome dude, so that was a plus.

    I was never fucked over and it was generally always decent weed, save the rare times it came out like dirt.

    If my middle man didnt work, I called up an actual dealer. I normally had to go by eye and not by scale since I never had one handy, but again, it was always very good weed. And this dealer was another guy I went to high school with and even had a class together for a period of time, so we know each other well enough.

    Try smoking with said dealer, man.
    Get a scale like suggested above.
    Or hope you have a decent eye to spot a good or bad bag. Get the weed and transfer the money simultaneously. At least that's what I normally did.

    Hope this helps! Remember, smoke responsibly :)
  13. Do not hand over money without seeing the product. Make sure you see the weight of the bud on the scale too, and make sure the connect is solid (like make sure you know some people that have bought from him before) so you dont get robbed.
  14. I agree with this 100%. It's actually what I do now. My mate is more-or-less best buds with the dealer. My I give the money to my mate, she goes to the apartments to the dealer, deal, and then I get the weed. Find out more about the dealer first (Sounds odd, I know) from people who have bought from him before. See what they think.
  15. Have them put your weed on a scale in nuggs NOT already in a bag.
  16. i dont even really remember buying from a dealer i wasnt already friends with, but i remembered hating it lol
  17. My dealer is my brothers best friend and I've stopped weighing my shit out in front of him because I trust him. Don't deal in obvious places. Back ally's and parking lots work well.

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