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question about dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ijn0, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. so, here's my situation.

    i'm in my last year of high school, and i just moved from a large school, with over 2000 students, to a very small school with just under 80 students.

    i lost contact with all of my dealers at my old school, and i'm now living in a new town a long ways away.

    going to the bigger school was such a convenience because there were so many dealers i could buy from, and i could get pretty much whatever i wanted at any given time.

    at this new school, there are so few dealers, it's ridiculous. and they are more on the unreliable side. just sell mids, short bags, don't always have weed when i need it. not really the type of people i want to deal with, but i will continue buying from them until i find a better dealer since i don't really have much of a choice at the moment.

    any tips on finding someone new? not sure if i want to go walking around on the street asking strangers for bud either, but i'll appreciate any feedback.

  2. go to places where stoners are known to gather, like a concert, then look for someone who looks older and more mature than a highschooler. Chances are this person will either know about a decent connect or actually be in the game. You just gotta not act like a douche and be cool so they'll open up to.
  3. Best way to find dealers is through people you know that smoke. See if you can become better friends with one of the dealers at your school. Get him to introduce you to his dealer. Or straight up pay him for the connect.

    If that isn't an option then you need to find guys at parties. If you go out a lot this shouldn't be too hard. Even at the basketball court. Or the teen center. Or the mall. You just gotta know who to ask.

    As a last resort you can just ask randoms. I always find bud fairly quickly this way. Usually if i just get off of work/or i'm in an out of the way place but want to smoke i will just ask whoever. Never have to ask more then twice before someone either calls a dealer or sells me bud.

    Just make sure they actually look like smokers.

    If worst comes to worst you can try craigslist. I have found reliable connects. But that will only work if you live in a fairly 420 friendly area.

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