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Question about dealer etiquette

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TurtlePS, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Alright, so I moved to a new neighborhood in January, and since then have been using my friend as a middleman because the dealer does not deal to new people. The problem is, my friends isn't always available when I want some herb, and its pretty annoying. I have met the dealer a couple of times and we played basketball and football together, but we never even talked about weed. I know where he lives, and I am tempted to just knock on his door and beg him to deal to me. Problem is, I don't know if that violates any etiquette or anything like that. I want my friend to take me to his house, but he keeps procrastinating. Does anybody here have any insight to this crazy situation??? Thank you peeps!
  2. Lol he knows you're getting it and you've chilled with him?

    Tell him to quit being such a pussy.
  3. Okay so you've met a drug dealer who your friend goes to, for you, and you didn't bother to ask him? Obviously he thinks your chill or he wouldn't of balled with you.

    Don't go to his door, that is a good way to sketch him the fuck out. Next time you see him though, remember that you have a mouth and voice. Use them.
  4. Alright, sounds good. I just wanted other people's insight. Thanks
  5. He wont do that. He wants money. The most he'll do is go, nawww man, really awkwardly.
  6. lol i've been in the dealers exact shoes. EXACTLY not even lying, no different from this at all, football and everything, it's actually fucked up.

    but dude, as long as it's a reasonable hour, he won't care. Maybe call him before you come over or something. But don't act like he's a better person than you are, people are people, we all have feelings n shit.
  7. i would suggest next time you see you see him ask for his number.
  8. yeah, basically what everyone else said. Just don't go to his house though good way to loose your bud resource
  9. Never show up unannounced.. god no lol. You're best bet is next time you run into him or if you get brought to his place, ask for his number. If you get it, he'll obviously sell to you.

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