Question about dark/light cycle during flower

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  1. So I'm in flower coming up on week 3 and basically my light schedule is 9am to 9pm. Plants get sunlight from 9am then sun sets at 7pm so I turn the porch light on for the last 2 hours just for a little more light until dark time. So 2 hours of the "light cycle" is basically night time. If the plant gets interrupted on/off light during those 2 hours is that considered disrupting the dark cycle? Like forget to turn porch light on for a hour then have it on for last hour. Or when at 9pm i actually have it in the dark cycle will light mess things up or confuse the plant? Hope this makes sense lol
  2. Floer=12/12....on/off and are u doing photo period? Auto?
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  3. No, this will not affect your plants, your growing outside.
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  4. plant/s will be fine ,no worries ..mac,
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  5. I'd debate that the only thing your porch light is doing is giving you a nightly task
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  6. Lol probably. Just wanted to get the plant some more light since it only gets 10 hours of sunlight with it setting earlier and earlier. So that isn't going to reveg the plant or cause it to hermie if I randomly have the porch light come on and off when the sun has set? Not like its during its set dark times the sun just sets too early and 2 hours of its light schedule falls into night time yenno. It gets uninterrupted dark from 9pm to 9am
  7. Honestly I would just let nature take care of the light cycle. Your porch light won't do anything except confuse the plant.
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  8. I'll post some pics of my current crop in my outdoor organics thread - my girls only get 4 hours of direct sunlight....hoping to pull 12oz off one plant.

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