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Discussion in 'General' started by zongbong88, May 25, 2006.

  1. Well this weekend i am gonna go on a cruise and i was wondering if i could take a few bowls of weed and smoke on the cruise.. i will be going for 5 days to the bahamas.. maybe if i cant take some weed and a pipe then do u think i could get away with a gram of coke but in my boxers?? well let me know what yalls experiances are with weed and crusies..
  2. i have taken an 1/8 with me on a cruise before. i taped in to my inner thigh and i had to troubles with it.
  3. Yeah I went on a cruise to the bahamas also and I wish I had some with me. I had to fly there from Canada and there is no way im taking weed on a plane into the US.

    There were no dogs or anything so it seems like it would be pretty easy to do. I wouldnt bring a pipe though, just incase. Have fun and let us know how it worked out.
  4. i would roll a few joints ahead of time and tape them to your inner leg. and roll that blow up in the joint too :>) ---haha, i just did that on accident but it looks fucking awesome.
  5. How is security on cruises?
  6. lol what security?

    the only time you ever deal with security is when you are coming back to the boat from a port and they are just checking all the stuff you bought in your bags(having stuff on you is fine) never get checked or anything like that

    i think you would be fine to just tape an 1/8(or however much you are comfortable with) to the inside of your thigh, just make sure you bag it a couple times so that you cannot smell it
  7. Yeah security comming back onto the boat is nothing. All it is, is a box that they insert your keycard in and then if you have any baggage they run it through the xray machine. If you dont have any bags it literally takes 4 seconds and your done.
  8. you shouldn't have a problem try to get those joint holders or something so it doesnt get crushed up :)
  9. ya, from what i understand you could just have them in your backpack and you'll be fine. leave your leg hairs alone!

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