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Question about cruises

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iSPARK, May 4, 2011.

  1. Do they search you're stuff? I'm not tryina go like 5 days without bud on a hot ass boat, especially when I'm Irish and I burn like a mother fucker. I can't drink and I don't like swimming or pretty much anything that a cruise has to offer so please help me here.
    I know, I know. I sound like a negative Nancy but I have no choice so this is bothering me.
    Also if anyone here has been on a cruise what was there to do? The stuff I heard I don't like. "Teen bars" and pools are pretty much the only things that I could do right?
  2. Stay home and toke it up? :smoke:
  3. Believe me man, if I could I would...

  4. youre forgetting about all those hot teens in the bars you can do. i dont think you'd have much of a problem getting a one hitter and an 1/8th or so on to the ship really, it might be somewhat tricky to find a smoke spot though.
  5. Buffets, pools, getting off at ports, cruises are fun!

    My friend brought about 4 full shampoo bottles worth of vodka, they were able to sneak it in. Stick a container in your pants, make sure it's plastic, and i'm sure you can sneak an 8th. As for a pipe.. maybe apple pipe?
  6. :( Idk anything about cruises, but I think you could get away with crotching some trees and a pipe. Either ghost every hit or make a sploof on cruise, and take a nice steamy shower :smoke:
  7. buy a deodorant cut off most of the deodorant part ( or use it before hand for awhile ) and leave a thin layer on top, so it looks like theres still deodorant then you can stick bud and papers inside. the deodorant also covers up the smell. hooray!

  8. yeah they should put your things through an x ray machine thing so you would have to sneak it on. But their not gunna put nearly as much effort to go through your stuff as an airport :smoke:
  9. I think covering up the smell would be harder then getting it on.
  10. I went on a cruise to Cozumel a few months ago. They just put my bags through an X ray and you have to walk through a metal detector. I got through with dank and papers in my pocket just fine. I also smuggled some cuban cigars back :smoke:
  11. and youll be fine to smoke on the boat especially at night, generally the workers are all foreigners on contracts and they dont really care.
  12. go buy a clean piece. nothing illegal about a piece of glass. as for the ganj, you could just get the best ziplock you can and tuck er right up in the crotch. (Wear some compression shorts when boarding, then you dont have to worry about it falling out!)
  13. I was thinking a pack of skins and a dub of dank should be just fine in my pocket/crotch, depending on how well I feel about the situation... Idk. It would just suck if I did get caught xD. Maybe if I bought a pack of cigs, NOT to smoke them, just to fill with bud and replace the filter with a crutch. Think that's plausible?
  14. Ehh, they have lots of dogs in the terminals and when I went through I was screened and checked.

    The islands though, depends where you're going (I went to the bahamas and people walk up to you asking if you need bud.)

    Bud was easy to get on the islands, and I brought some back on the ship without any difficulty. They don't screen really getting back on from an island, they just check what you bought (cuban cigar smuggling is a big thing they said).
  15. crotch it du, cruise aint gon strip search ya
  16. yeah it very easy to sneak a toke go out on the back deck at night and be sneaky. or simply blow it out ur cabin window
  17. one hitter and some qwiso or hash i bet would be easy enough to sneek on board i bet, ive only ever heard of them checking like if your were leving jamaca and your stuff reeked of pot
  18. I met a guy on a cruise who brought 2 J's through airport security and onto the cruise at the beginning. That was way too risky though. There are plenty of dogs and security walking around the baggage.

    Another guy I met onboard the ship bought a small baggie of weed on one of the islands by asking a sketchy looking dude near the port. He put it in his pocket and walked back on with it. Someone else bought a little wooden pipe from a shop on the same island and they met up and smoked in a cabin bathroom with the fan/shower running.

    When you get back on the ship from an island, you put all your bags through an x-ray and walk through a metal detector. They don't allow you to buy your own alcohol because they lose money on sales. If they see what looks like liquor bottles on the x-ray they WILL ask you to open your bags. So you can buy glass bottles and pocket them when you walk through the metal detector. MAKE SURE that your bottles don't have any metal pieces before you carry them. Also, try buying alcohol and pouring it into mouthwash bottles, because if they open it, of course it smells like alcohol; it's mouthwash.

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