question about containers/ much dirt???

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  1. right now i have 10 lil plants that have "sprouted" there in solo cups (30 seeds in 4 cups) so i need to transplant them into something bigger. so heres my questions:

    1) can i use kitty litter buckets?? (about 25lb container,i'd say 6-8 gal??) (of course id clean them and make drain holes)

    2) can i grow more than 1 plant in each container?? (since there real big buckets) (i have 10 sprouts and 6-8 buckets)

    3) how much dirt should i use?? (buckets are about 1.5-2ft high) and i'm pretty sure i still have to transfer plants again.....this time would be to fert.

    thanks for any help or advice (and i am searchining...there's just alot to learn)
  2. Those plastic kitty litter bins should work well, once they are cleaned well and drain holes are made. Some of those are rectangular which actually fills out the pot's footprint better than a round container, providing more soil and thus more room for root growth.

    Only one plant per pot, no matter how big the pot. Otherwise roots will get tangled and they could strangle each other. Even if they don't strangle each other, think if one is male and one is female, hard to get that boy outta there while leaving the girl untouched.

    For buckets that size first add a 1" layer of rock or perlite in the bottom then fill with soil to about 3" from the top. The soil will settle and compact with time.

    With all those kitty litter buckets I assume you have a cat -- keep your plants protected or the cat will eat them.
  3. cool...these are the rec. shaped. thanks for the advice, im getting ready to go to home depot now. yes i have a cat (5 frikin cats.....this will be an issue for my ventilation:( )
  4. You know, I've got a cat too and a bunch of those plastic kitty litter bins, and I've only used them to store cat food and bird seed. Never occurred to me to use 'em this way. You gave me a good idea for next go-round, thanks bro.
  5. hey no prob. im glad i can contribute something:D
  6. LOL. My first DWC grow was with "Fresh Step" kitty litter buckets.
  7. Now I'm laughing too! Was that a clumping grow? =P

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