Question about Cloud Vaporizer pen?

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  1. Im interested in buying the cloud vaporizer pen

    (Chrome Cloud)

    But i want to know if i can smoke bud in it? I saw in a review the guy used wax and not the flower. I know close to nothing about vaporizers so can any of you tell me if i can vape bud through it?

    Thanks :D
  2. Yeah cloud is for concentrates... check out the new Atmos Raw or Pulsar 7 for a pen style that does herb.
  3. That pulsar looks nice and in my price range too, is it as effective as smoking? Like will it get me as high as i would with a pipe or something ?
  4. imo people seem to either love vaping or hate it. It gives you a different kind of high which can be nice. Conserves a lot of herb too. But I find myself only using my vape once in awhile and mostly just smoking from glass.
  5. Im trying to find a vaporizer because of my sport and im trying to keep my cardio up and ive been told vaping can help with that. Im just trying to figure out if its worth it or not

  6. For lung capacity I'd say it's worth it
  7. Vaporizing is definitely the healthiest way to go, no combustion so no smoke and no carcinogens, your lungs will definitely thank you, a lot....The Cloud is only for concentrates. I haven't found a good portable one that does both...yet, but there are many portable vapes for concentrates or plant material.....I have heard some say that if you have a very high tolerance, you may find it more difficult to get to where you are used to being (using a vape for plant material), but this really just depends on you, your body, tolerance & preference. Vaping plant material doesn't replace smoking for me at home but I take it with me a lot of places. My vape pen for concentrates is rather smelly but it definitely has no problem getting me where I want to be, but not smokeless. My portable vape for tobacco is perfect for anywhere, shows, movies, anywhere. I would highly recommend trying someone else's vape (stationary or portable) if possible if you're uncertain. Not sure if you have a price range, but that way you can decide for yourself if the feeling (and the feeling of breathing easier) is worth it to you before making a commitment.

  8. Looks just like the Launch Box but for $30? Haven't tried that one. I guess the MFLB comes with a charger & extra batteries too making it more expensive. That's nice you can just use any AA battery with the dragon lite. Both sweet warranties. Looks like a sweet find for plant material :) . Between the vaporcone & the dragon lite tho, vaporcone is a pen for concentrate or plant material, & the dragon lite is a portable vape that looks like only for plant material. So just depends which you would use more :) ....If you end up getting the dragon lite lemme know what you think.
  9. Oh super lame, not sure since I just learned about it myself. Someone else had one & was showing it to me, they had nothing but good things to say, BUT.....maybe make sure they ship to your state, and if I had a FB page I'd probably check out their page, I dunno though. Only time I heard sketchy things about a product I decided to not buy it, too much risk & too many negative reviews for me.
  10. Cloud vaporizers with default atomizer are wax only. You can change the atomizer head for smoking herb. However, cloud vaporizers are not good choice to smoke herb. .I suggest you to get ago g5 herbal vaporizer and if you want to smoke wax with it you can buy glass globe attachment.B oth setup wont exceed $50.. 50 compare to 79 .... I got my setup from epuffstore .  You can trust that website and they keep adding new products . link is
  11. Its all about the atomizer, the Cloud is great for concentrates but if you smoke flower there are identical vapes that are cheaper, and even come with the dry herb atomizer as well. Check out

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