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  1. ive got a regular sized closet about 4 feet wide by 9 feet tall ...i was wondering if id be alright with just a couple fans rotating back and forth. the reason for asking is because my plants are just starting but they look a little sick under 200watts 6 inches from the plant...but are there any other aeration tips i cant really afford and exhaust system or anything like that right now. thanks p.s. should i place the plant in the corner of the closet? pictures soon hopefully
  2. i had a simialar size closet back in the day..maybe a little shorter in height and all i had to start was 1 oscilating fan.just make sure you keep the closet door open atleast during the day.i had my fan at the opening to blow fresh air into the closet..not in the closet itself.

    eventually i upgraded to a small squirle cage designe exhaust fan..def helped reduce humidity and air exchange
  3. Ive beening running some larger closet grows now for a little bit and believe me youre gonna need an exhaust at some point. Leaving the door open, buying huge fans, etc but in the end it hurts your bud. Leaving the door open kills the reflection of the lights and all your lumens pour out into the ambient space. Huge amounts of fans that blow your plants around will actually cause your plants to grow thicker more woody stems. Plants spend more time creating huge tree like branches in order to sustain the stress caused by the wind and less time creating dank buds. IF your willing to spend a little cash (say $1-200) you could buy a cheap inline or squirrel cage fan(say 90-265 cfm range) and hook it up to some dryer vent and sqeeze it through it the side of the closet. If you upgrade to HIDs youll definately need some more advanced venting to cool your lights. Even with 200 watts id bet the farm your "sickness" is really heat stress caused by the lights. Even CFL's produce alot of heat(more than 85*F) and closets just trap it unless your moving it out and sucking fresh air out. sorry for the rant but i figured maybe youd appreciate the facts on the full story anymore questions id be glad to fill you in. like i said been doing the closet/tent thing for a while now.

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