Question about cloning??

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  1. When cloning a plant is it safe just to stick the plant right into some regular soil or do you need one of those special root cube things
  2. Any opinions are appreciated, I'm sure everyone will have a different way of doing it
  3. soil works, just takes a whole lot longer
  4. Iz it good to use nutes with the soil?
  5. soil is hard for the novice gower, try a diy bubble cloner, look in the diy section for some amazing ideas. u can potentially have roots within 4 days (uncommon but ive seen it done, more like a week vvs two weeks with soil alone) Clonex, easyroot, olivia;s all good ideas but still all work about the same, get ANY standard "cloning" solution will basically do the same job but i presonallly advocate learing how to make your own perect environment.
  6. duri ng cloning id lookin into some thrive-alive b1 or come super thrive they will really help the clone adapt.:wave:
  7. For the hassle of it just use some peat pellets. I've found as a new grower they are the easiest option. Just get your peat pellet wet with 1/8 oz water let it sit in your environment to acclimate. Take your cuttling dip it in root gel then put it in the pellet. If you get a growing tip it will take the least amount of time to root. If you take just a leaf it could take 10-15 days longer.
  8. with the ph of jiffy or other peat pellets its harder to learn the ph compensation IMO. BUT IF YOUR READY learn learn learn. JIFFYS HAVE A PH OF 4.0 MAX.
  9. I clone in soil, cloning is not hard. My last batch of clones I tried rooting powder, gel, and nothing at all. They all rooted the same, 7 days and I took them out of the dome and put them into a 19/5 light cycle. I use Willow tea for a rooting agent, and have great results. You can try Supeerthrive or Rhiztonic, or any of the numerous products, or none at all. There's hundreds of tutorials on cloning, just pick one that sound reasonable and try it. Don't get scared by the hype, cloning is easy!
  10. I have used the cloning bucket (aeroponic type) and have had great success. I take the cuttings from the very bottom of the plant and put them in the net pot/foam rubber insert and with just plain water have roots in 8 to 10 days. No dippin in jungle juice just set it and forget it. Weak 24/7 lighting will do it. I have a six station bucket , 3gallon capacity with just plain water.
    When I take my cuttings I usually put them in a cup of water till I have eveything set to go, then do the obligatory 45 degree cut and set the cutting in turn it on and wait.
    Beautiful part of cloning is the fact your are startin out with a growing plant and it makes for a quicker grow/harvest.


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