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  1. where do u actually cut the plant at?
    the main root?
    or one on the side where budding takes place and has fan leaves?

    im jus a little confused...and where exactly should u cut it at?
    and wont that affect the plant?
  2. Taking clones will stress your plant, can't really avoid it your cutting off green healthy growth. I usually choose the lower branches to use because these are closer to the roots and so have more rooting cells in them then the top part of the plant. Usually you wanna go for 1/4'' to 1/2'' for clones. Use a razor blade or sharp knife. NO SCISSORS. Scissors will crunch the stem when you cut it and trap air bubbles inside and the clone won't root. Make sure to do a 45 degree cut when you take them. I use a rooting powder, you can use powders or gels w/e.

    When I take mine I get everything Ill need in arms reach and a cup of water. Take all my cuttings, putting them in the water as I go so air bubbles won't form in the stems. Then after Im done I stick them in the powder and put em in their new homes. Make sure to mist them every once and a while. They have no roots so they feed through their leafs. Once new green leaves come along you know roots have begun to grow.

    Hope that helps, good luck bro. :smoking:
  3. [ame=]YouTube - how to grow weed - part 6[/ame]
  4. + rep .... nice shit, man. As somebody that is a newbie and doesn't like to tell people he is... I learned something.

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