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  1. Since i have very limited space 16 inches between lights and soil(using leds) can i grow one plant to 14 inches clone it down put the clones in there veg them with the mother and keep doing that till i have like 20 or so and do a sea of green thing? I'm building a new box soon here just want to use this temporary if it will work

  2. I believe you still need more head room......Fix that first, or it will be a thorn in your side forevever
  3. It would be really hard to get the side branches to grow long enough to clone with that head room unless you do some pretty heavy around the lid LST. I fooled around with this method a bit but it turned Into a tangled mess for me, all the side branches grew so quickly up that I was tying them down too and it was a mess but if you're cutting off the side branches when they grow high enough up it might have a good option.

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    I'd still work on getting more room for your grow, pc boxes sound like a good idea but it's gonna be a nightmare because you'll have to work with it everyday to keep it going.
  4. I used an older Dresser(small one) and made the mistake of buying a carbon filter that was too large and i couldnt return so i was like ill put that right up top then the light below. if it wasnt for the filter id have like 22 inches witch is quite a bit better
  5. You could always use that for your seedlings and then get a larger dresser/ armoire for pretty cheap off Craig's list and use that for you main chamber.
  6. But if i did some massive LST till i got alot of clones i could do it(in theory)
  7. SOG is probably not the way to go. Even if you flowered straight away you will still run out of height. You could fit a ScrOG in there but if I'm honest, you would be better off scrapping it and starting again giving yourself a proper amount of height. Even 22" is going to have you fighting for height all of the time. Why not build it 6' tall and then you won't have any height issues?

  8. The only reason i asked about this box was because i was using what i currently had
  9. Toss that idea. If you're using an LED of any quality, it's probably going to be too hot to have the plants that close, especially when they are very young. You've got to have enough room to allow for some growth as they double or triple in size during flower...whether they are growing up or are being intertwined on something and tied down. Regardless, they are going to do some growing. And as far as a scrog, believe me, you don't want to try and tie 20 plants together and grow them off in that space with one light. Regardless of what light you're using, they're realistically only good for covering so much square footage and you can do better by growing one plant and giving it the right conditions than you can by putting 4 or 5 in the same space and crowding the plants out. Light is the key to bigger better buds. The more light you can provide your plant(s), the better the harvest will be. Crowding up a bunch of plants under one light is going to definitely leave some of them lacking in a big way. With a space that small, it's going to be more like growing bonsai trees than it is growing weed. Now if you're only growing to get to play with the plants, it might be fun. But if you're growing to harvest weight of any kind, figure out a new plan. TWW
  10. you would have to modify it for growing and at the end of it you still have a low ceiling when you could have bought a tent for £50 that is ready to install your equipment and has a decent height

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