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  1. ok peeps heres the deal, i only have space for one grow room at the moment, house is going under renivations and theres only one little closet not being touched lol. in the room i have two girls flowering and 2 weeks away from harvest, and from thoes 2 girls i took 3 clones and rooted them all when the room was under 18/6, and when i switched the room to flower i transplated the clones and put them in the window cents the outdoor season is comin on.
    Now i really like the way these plants grow and id like to keep them around longer than just 2 gens. so my  question is, if i take cuttings from the plants i have in the window, and put the cuttings in my flowering room will they take root under 12/12?  im not planning on keeping the new clones in the room the entire time just untill they root and can b put into the window as the others did. 
    Thanks for any help.  :smoke:

  2. If it was me I'd keep the 2 clones going until you put them back in the closet at 18/6. Then take clones from them and then you could get them to root right beside their mother.
    You could keep one of the bigger plants for a mother or just keep taking clones before you switch to flower
  3. I'm thinking no but hey let us know if it works. If it did work I'd think they would already be in flowering mode by the time the roots show?

    Is cloning outside or in your windowsill an option as cloning takes very little light but just more than 12 hours a day.

    I think u will be able to figure something out.
  4. If u take a bunch of them it is possible they will root. If I were you I'd take nice size clones with multiple tops for multiple shots at life. Do not cut fan leaves. I would take at least 5 and hope for the best. I have a 12/12 unrooted clone grow in here check it out.
  5. i tried to take some clones in the window however no luck. and i had them there for a month almost
  6. Nice grow man
  7. thats wat i was gonna do in the first place, but i wanna keep a kinda perpetual harvest thing going untill the winter comes and my equiped grow room safe for plant inhabitits. manyly these plants r small im keeping them under 3ft, so the yeild isnt going to be more than 2 zipps per plant, maybe lol
  8. i took 3 clones... i guess were gonna c how they turn out lol   :metal:

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    i kno its been awhile but all 3 rooted lol. there moms really made me forgetfull lol....... o yeah it only took a week, 5 days untill the roots were poping out the bottom of the rockwool. i didnt use any cloning hormone or anything just cut em and  put em in the cube

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