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question about clear joint papers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mc boba fett, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. me and my friend just bought some clear joint papers cause they looked cool. so we rolled our first joint with them today and it looked good but when we lit it the cellulose part burned to fast and the weed never had a chance to get lit and just fell out cause it had no papers to hold it in and it says slow burning on the side of the package. my question is are we doing something wrong or something or do they just suck any help will b appreciated Ty GC
  2. Its just the papers. Clear papers look real fucking nasty, its almost like plastic. I dont fuck with them.
  3. they are made of cellulose and are much healthier to smoke...u just gotta roll it right
  4. Yea, its easy to roll them loose. I packed up a fat ass clear joint with my cig roller and it burned almost slower then paper.
  5. FACT : clear papers are not 100% cellulose. they contain other ingredients such as water and GLYCEROL

    FACT: when burnt at high temperatures, glycerol produces toxic chemicals.

    look on google ull see a sight and a forum discussing into detail this part of clear papers.

  6. Only the cheap shitty ones.

    I like clear papes, hard to roll thou.
  7. Use rice or hemp papers

  8. yeppp, raw are the best, and safest papers

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