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Question about cheating on my detox

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SoFlyJG, Oct 13, 2015.

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    Whatsup everyone!
    My questions is something that I looked up but I couldn't seem to find any answers.
    To make a long story short, Im 21 and a college student. My current job is crap and the pay isn't anything special. Looking for a new job I came across one that really interested me for the good pay. I know I will be drug tested initially to get the job. I am an experienced smoker and continuously smoking 1-2 g's of high quality bud for 1 year, out of my lovely bong. I don't know how long the job will be open for, so i start my detox. I am 5'8 140 LB. 4 days straight of exercise, chugging water, drinking a little alcohol, 3 L of cranberry juice, and limit calories so I burn fat cells quicker (Done this a couple of times hehe). And I deal with the small side effects like it being hard to eat at times and hard to fall asleep.
    So today after my run, I'm chillin in my man cave, my girlfriends at work whose been on me to get a new job, and my bongs staring at me, with a little bit of medical grade in my jar. So WTF I smoked a .2 bowl AND IM RIPPED! [​IMG] I haven't been this high in forever, obviously my tolerance has gone down and my detox was working.
    My question may seem like common sense, but I was wondering since I detoxed 4 days before smoking again is it going to completely reset how long it takes to clear my body to when I was a consecutive smoker 4 days ago. Or is it just going to add 2-3 more days till I am complete clean in about a half of week form now?
    Thanks everyone,

  2. no it will not reset but it will take a few more days for you to detox since you smoked again. Time to start downing lots of water my friend! And pickle juice lol
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    Gotcha! I actually had to smoke the .2 bowl in 2 hits separated by an hour because I was so backed. I hit the first part around 4Pm and the second around 5Pm, I am still not complete sober since that 5 hours later. That being said I think my metabolism is quick since I'm small, and nearly skin and bones. As well as my doing my detoxing practices , which I will continue till I'm clean!
  4. Not too sure how I feel about this lol

    Thinking about picking up some B-2 vitamins also
  5. thatll work. I saw this vid where this guy mixed like certo and poweraid and took B12 idk how well that works though lol. At least i know B12 keeps your pee yellow

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