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question about cheap suppliers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by hom21, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Let's say I buy a quarter and the guy is cheap. How much less would he give me from 7g? Like .3?
  2. what do you mean, what's the average amount someone who skimps takes off? if you know the dudes gonna skimp, why not make him weigh it in front of you? or just not buy from him?
  3. If it's 7 grams, He could pinch anywhere from 0.1 to 7 grams.

    Depends on how he's feeling at the moment, really.

  4. It could be a she:cool::smoking:

    I've gotten robbed by a girl. She was with 5 other dudes though but... she stole my visine, gave me back my keys and cell phone saying i need to get home that night. while digging her hand in my pocket she dropped my pants abit too low(i wear pants low) and put my pants back up. Swear insane peaceful robbery. Just outnumbered.:wave:ALSO thank god i didnt have my re-up money and my ipod haha. they stole visine and bluntwrap.

    To OP. Dude get a scale if you dont trust your dealer. Usually if its short up to 1 gram i will let it slide if the bud is dank shit. Sometimes dealers make mistakes. sometimes there assholes.
  5. Will,im guessing you be shorted by aleast 1 gram,but if you live a state that has medical ,i suggest you get a card so you can get a ounce for 80 bucks.thats 28 grams dude.:smoking:
  6. Ask him what it weighs... generally people should be mad if your going to pick up a quarter and get 6 grams.. most dealers will work with a budget.

    He says quarters are 90, but you want to spend 100 maybe you'll get 7.8 or something instead of just 7. But if your going up to him and saying how much for an eighth and he says 50, you give him 50 dollars, and you better be getting an eighth. Now f you just said walk up to him and him $45, but his eights are 50, then of course expect less, but you shouldn't have a problem asking how much your getting for the price you are paying, its your money, spend it wisely.

    I'm just saying if your asking for a price for a set amount, IE and eight, quarter, zip, qp, whatever. It should weigh out to that amount! People say eights are 50 then when you get it, it better be an eight otherwise they shorted you on what the deal was.

    Get what you pay for, if you keep buying "Quarters" that aren't a quarter oz. then you are not buying quarters, your getting screwed by a crappy dealer.

    This is an entirely different story if someone is just hooking sacks for you, cause then most people who hook sacks tend to pinch a little off the top. When I did sell people would pick up sacks all the time, then pull out a little bowl for themselves, and tell me it was for a friend. A real dealer shouldn't put less in the sack. Although there were plenty of people who got charged different prices depending on who they were when I sold.

    just my exhausted little rant.
  7. Heh.

    Let's be honest, none of us can answer that for you.
  8. find a new connect. why would you keep going back if you knew this dude was a skeetball? and if you mean "cheap" as in price, just don't be dumb. if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.
  9. careful...

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