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Question about cardio exercise while high and heart rate

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by So-blazed, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. When doing cardio exercise you have a range of beats per minute for your target heart rate. Obviously the faster you run or longer you run, the faster your heart will beat. Since marijuana already results in a heart rate increase, it sounds as if you should lower the workout intensity, so your heart rate is not exceeding the maximum.

    Sounds pretty straight forward, but after browsing so many forums on this, nobody really ever mentioned target heart rate, just things like "it's safe to workout high if your heart is healthy"

    Using simple logic my guess is to exercise lighter and still have the target heart rate achieved while high, to be safe.

    Anything I am not understanding? Any advice pertaining to this would be appreciated.
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    Yes there is. Your heart rate may increase while you are high. But that is your resting heart rate, not your active heart rate. Let's say your resting heart rate normally is 50bpm. When you run your heart rate goes to 80bpm. When you're high your resting heart rate is 65bpm. When you're high and run, your heart rate should still go to 80bpm assuming you're running the same speeds and everything else as normal.
    It's not some sliding scale where your heart is always increased by 15%, so that the resting and active heart rates are all 15% higher than normal. I think that's how you might be looking at it.
  3. Thanks, yes you are right, I was under the impression marijuana would increase your heart rate that much more while exercising. Did not know it only alters your resting heart rate. Next time I run high, I will take my pulse and see if it's in the same range it normally is after a workout.
  4. Curious to

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    What I've found (verified through GPS) is that when I'm high I can't set my pace properly so I end up working harder  on a run or bike ride, which I'm sure raises my heart rate more than normal. The cardiovascular system just tries to bring as much oxygen into the body as the body needs for whatever activity you're doing. Your breathing and heart rate are tied in with one another, so assuming you're healthy your heart rate won't outpace your breathing. And when you're high and your heart rate increases, you can lower it by slowing down your breathing.
  6. Just keep it in the target range.  You do have a heart rate monitor right?
    If it elevates from say 58 resting to 70 after toking, your target will not change.  Your intensity might, but the target will be remain.
    Always seems better (for me) to toke after a good workout and stretch.
    Yeah, me too. Before is not so fun. I also like to have the experience of being in the moment with my body and mind, and weed takes something away from that for me. But afterwards? I love the feeling where I'm exhausted, I've showered, ate/drank,  and can now relax with a little weed. It takes the recovery to a different level.
  8. tickle your cilia and laugh about it.

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