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Question about Cannabis Cocktails with Nitrous Infusion

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Nematode128, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. I stumbled across this video on YouTube () where the guy infuses his alcohol with nitrous. It seems as though he does a wet decarb in a double boiler after he runs the nitrous with the weed and alcohol. If my weed is already decarbed can I skip the double boiler step or is he cooking off the nitrous gas as well?
  2. This is a cocktail called a "Green Dragon" but it's only the flavors that are infused and not the THC which is nonsoluble. The light alcohol in the cocktail will extract a bit but the nitrous just pressurizes the tank to force the terpene and flavonoids into the drink...for flavor. The alcohol has already stripped the trichomes before the nitrous is used to force the flavor.

    The double boiler is not a decarb. Alcohol will not reach a temperature of 200°F because it vaporizes at 173°. You may be able to get a good extraction with the extra flavor by using 190 proof. I was interested in the idea for a while and am still curious if I could make it work like a tincture enhancer. :ey:

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