question about candle in growroom for CO2

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  1. plants during the light cycle of photosynthesis need CO2... u can either put this in a grow room/box as far as i know with either CO2 burners... or dry ice... or gas tanks.... all 3 are a pain in the ass... for a small grow can you just light a candle in the area for a while?

    CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O + heat

    wont that be ok for CO2 production...

    I tried searching for this but it didn't work to well.... if anyone knows please she the knowledge... thanks ;-)
  2. I think it would throw off the lighting when your grow light are supposed to be off.. just breath in there a lot. Read a book while in your grow room.

  3. I wouldn't do it. First, leaving an open flame in a grow op sounds like a good way to burn your house down. Second, the flame needs oxygen in order to burn, and you can't oxygenate the air only around the candle, so basically you will not be generating enough CO2 to offset the amount of O2 you need in the entire grow space in order to keep the candle going. And third, candles don't burn cleanly, there is a lot of soot and grease and crap in that smoke that will get all over your plants.

    As long as you keep your plants happy with water, pH, temps, ferts, and ventilation then they should be able to get all the CO2 they need.
  4. When I say it's a dumb idea, I'm not calling you dumb.

    What toastybiz said sums it all up.
  5. Listen to Dexter, those CO2Boosts are organic, they work just as well as a 50LB tank of CO2 with a regulator, and it costs about 1/4 the amount.
  6. I don't agree. It costs me $24 to refill my two 20# tanks of CO2 every 90 days or so. That one will cost $100 bucks to refill every 90 days. My start-up cost are much more ($70 for the tank and 40 for the reg), but if you are going to grow for more then 90 days then it's tuff to beat compressed CO2.

    The performance of tanks vs home brew is what made me stay with tanks. I could never get more then 300PPM over normal readings with homebrew, no matter how much I put into my room. That kit claims 1500ppm, but I have a feeling they got that reading in a fish tank.

    If you plan to grow for a few months then move on to another hobby, then any home brew CO2 kit is your best bet hands down.

  7. Do you notice a signifcant difference between running CO2 versus not? I got a 400w coming (on flouro's now) in my chamber and wondering if the co2 is worth the investment
  8. I got some real good bud without a CO2 system.

    The effect of a real CO2 injection system on the growth rate is very noticeable in both veg and flower. I keep a grow log and measure overall height and number of branches from the main stem daily (real good idea). The plant's top diameter on average increased and the full cycle (veg and flower) went down 10 days.

    Bottom line: I'm sold on CO2, but I think it should be the last thing you add to your grow. Improve your whole grow environment first (lights, ventilation, nutrients, ...). When you run out of improvement ideas and have some extra cash, go to a welding supply store and build a real CO2 injection system.

    I tried home brew CO2 to get rid of the tanks. It could not hold an enriched environment with normal cooling ventilation. It might work if you have a sealed AC cooled room that is not exhausted ever. I could not get the results that are claimed all over the forums. It might be that I did not do it right.

    Peace, R.
  9. I use a C02 system that has a tube delivery system. I just hang the tubes in the canopy, as high as i can and have my regulator on the same timer as my lights.

    I'm sure i waste some because my vent system isn't as controlled as rumps. but i seriously doubt it hurts.. 1 20lb tank lasts me 60 days or so..

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