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Question about Canadian Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OaktownOG, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Hey, I read on here a lot and this is a question I've Always wanted to ask?

    How do Canadians get dank for such cheap prices? Every time prices come up on this site, Canada takes the cake on low prices for quality. Just wondering.
  2. Not sure because I'm a long way from Canada/America... but I guess places with medical stuff stops the price from rising above the medical price? Provides competition to drive prices down in that way is my guess.
  3. It's much more legal in Canada so it's easier for large-scale grows to exist which push down the price because there's a much higher supply.

    Plus, it's just Canada, it's just how things are.
  4. It's not more legal here so much as it is that the cops just don't really give a shit.
  5. Lax policies and an abundance of harvesting as a result of it have largely contributed to low prices. Toronto is filled with it, as are the surrounding suburbs and rural areas - Scarborough, Bradford, Aurora, Newmarket, etc. I've never paid more than $220 for an ounce and even that was $40 more than I usually pay for the dankest of chronic.
  6. ^^Richmond Hill..:D

    Lots of growers, cops dont give a fuck, Canada kicks ass :smoke:
  7. I must make the 6 hour trip to Richmond hill if I can get some serious dank. I got nothing like that around here. If there is, it's way too much(ok, way more than I got).
    I just want to smoke some serious chronic.
    Michigan West Coast is lame when it comes to inflation and quality lately. I need to stock up while I get my grow up and running.
  8. Since there's a lot of growers, the competition is really big.

    I can call up about 5 guys and I'll have anything from weed to schrooms or xtc.

    Competition = Better Prices, Better Quality!

  9. First off let me apologize for not saying in the last post that I really love GC.Really Really love this place. I'm new and have finally built up the courage to really be a part of the community. I've been looking over the past few months and have learned everything I've ever wanted to know and then some. I thank you all for your knowledge and expertise. I owe all my future yields and dank yummy goodness to you all.
    So is it possible to get a warm welcome if I make my way up to Toronto sometime soon?
    That would be lovely.
    Who knows I might just turn a weekend trip into an extended stay.It has everything I would ever want.

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