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  1. is it ilegal to buy those seeds on da internet cuz isnt dat ilegal? im tryna buy some seeds but i also dont want to be in jail so can someone tell me if its lega lto buy seeds in da us
  2. The only thing that might happen is customs might find them and if that happens then they take the seeds. nothing more. good luck
  3. To answer your question, it is illegal to possess or import MJ seeds.

    But academy is correct, the reputable seedbanks ship "stealth," and if Customs does intercept then most likely they simply will confiscate.
  4. I to am wanting to purchase seeds for personal use but am worried about boarder patrol. "if Customs does intercept then most likely they simply will confiscate" can anyone give me a for sure answer? thanks for all your help
  5. weed is TOTALLY illegal in the US. even in states with legalized medical use, it's STILL illegal because the feds outrank the states and they don't recognize it's legality for a second.

    the feds have targeted more than one med user and have busted at least one buyers club

    as to seeds, DON'T smuggle them yourself, buy them online. the worst that could happen then is they get siezed and you get a letter. i haven't heard of anyone whose seeds were siezed getting arrested yet, just the empty package & letter.

    i've ordered 5 times and gotten all 5 without a hitch.

    the worse thing you're likely to encounter is being out whatever money you spent IF your seeds get siezed.

    i don't think that tracking down potential weed growers post 9/11 is the government's highest pririty
  6. thank you very much for the information. you live in the states correct? and if you have had 5 successful purchases who do you order from?
  7. i've bought from gypsy nirvana once with CC and once with a money order (because i wanted freebies for spending $100+ for my kali mist beans). the money order was a little stressful because it took over two weeks without any feedback

    the other three times were all CC order at drchronic. doc is a couple dolars more expensive, but i prefer the speed and security of CC ordering and doc always sends a nice "good news! you've got incoming" email which i like. not only that, but my doc troublemaker freebies were 100% viable while at least my 1st batch of durban skunk freebies from gypsy were 0%. they sent me more of them on my second order, but the packaging was different, so they might have been from a different source. i have read of others growing out their durban skunk freebies.

    i like doc the best because his customer service is just a little bit better. the last i knew, gypsy STILL doesn't do CC orders anymore which is a pain. i don't like the idea of $100 dollars going through a few dozen greedy postal workers hands. i've lost two out of two money orders sent to a CD shop once, so i don't trust the post office. even with delivery confermation and insurance etc. i still got the "it sucks to be you" line from the post office manager.

    most of the time i've heard people not getting seeds other than siezures is when they send money. others fear using CC ordering, but it's been fine by me the 4 times i've done it.

    yes, i live in the states, and any time i've CC ordered, i've gotten my seeds in just 5-7 days.

    if you read the seedbank threads here, most people only have nice things to say about doc and gypsy, but i haven't really seen any bank get alot of bad rap as far as delivery goes at least. as to quality of beans... THAT varies the most.
  8. No one can give you a "for sure" answer (unless they work for Customs). What we are telling you is based on the collective experience to date. You never know if there will be a big crackdown and you could get busted. It's always a possibility, but it seems highly unlikely.

    LEO usually doesn't want to bother with small-time busts, it's not worth their or the DA's time and effort. It just isn't logical that Customs would intercept a shipment of 5 or 10 seeds and forward that to the local LEO where the shipment was addressed to, that LEO would then undertake surveillance and/or seek a warrant. They want big arrests that will make news and will stop drug dealing at supply pinch points. From there it is a gamble, one that seems pretty safe to me but you never know.

    There are no certainties in life. There are even fewer in growing and possessing a controlled substance.
  9. I've always heard that buying seeds or even large amounts of growing supplied with a CC wasn't a good idea. Doesn't the fed monitor CC transactions for potential suspicious behavior or purchases? Do you recommend using and alternate address for shipping?
  10. if you're worried about CC transactions, you could always look into a prepaid CC option. i imagine those work exactly the same as regular CC ordering, but without a link to a personal account.

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