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  1. ive been lookin at a few seed banks, but i mean some of them look a little to good be true and im sorta skeptical now.
    so lets say i order this white widow seed from grasscity --->

    and i sucssesfully grow it....will it actually look the way it does in the pic and be as potent as the site sais it is?
  2. not everyone is a perfect grower who can get their plants like that. you just have to read about growing, get some practice in and once you get the experience who knows maybe you'll get plants like that.:D
  3. EXACTLY alot of things come into play when you grow from seeds. treatment of plants as mentioned is a HUGE factor. lighting, nutrients, watering (or hydro... blech!) cycles, temperatures or stress can all affect plants for one. then there's seed variability. the pics you see of weed are often prime plants that were selected from up to 100 or even more samples. plants commonly have 2 or more "phenos" meaning that individuals will show traits of one parent or another and if a plant is backcrossed, can show EXTREME varability where different traits mix between offspring. you can get tall plants, short plants, stinky skunks, sweet 7 floral and other traits all mixed up with some offspring in between too. that's why you sometimes see references to phenos in product descriptions eg. some plants will be more purple than others or some plants will have such and such a distinctive flavor.

    take a look at budshots sometimes. i've seen 3 or more of the same strain shot side by side like in the cannabible yet the buds look nothing alike. one will be a dark greyish purple, one will be pale blonde green and another will be lime green with bright orange pistils.

    unless you're specifically looking for buds with a particular color (not really the best indication for quality anyways) worry more about how healthy your plants are and that you don't harvest them too late unless you like couchlock.

    how a bud smokes is more important than how it looks. worry more about the things you can control like health and proper bud curing.

  4. k got ya
    Are there any tutorials for growing using areo? ive been looking around and havent seen one.
  5. i don't know. i'm 110% into organic, but i'm sure there is somewhere.

    are you talking aeroponic? that's a type of hydroponic is it not?

    you could try searching for tutorials with a search engine eg.
    aeroponic tutorials
    aeroponic how toos


    you could also create a new thread in one of the advanced grow forums here. surely someone knows about it there.

    i DO know of one general info site that might have the info you're looking for. try visiting:

    it took a bit of looking around, but i found it, now i'm going to PM it to myself so i can find it quickly the next time this comes up.

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